What I can say about William Morris ( Billy) his intelligence, professional ethics, honesty and passion for what he does is beyond compare. If you ever get into a life situation as I have twice, Billy has gotten my criminal damage and criminal assault charges DISMISSED. Also a seperate case of 4 counts of Extreme, Super Extreme DUI.. DISMISSED ( a very difficult case).

The confidence I feel when retaining his professional services is the assurance that he will do everything possible to help his client, and is always way ahead of the curve doing his due diligence. He has proven to be a trustworthy and EXCEPTIONAL Attorney time and again.

I have the upmost respect, faith and peace of mind when I know he is in my corner. I owe him much....a clean record and my freedom from certain jail time. He is not only my Attorney, now he has become my friend.

Thankyou Billy...!!!!