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John W Moore Jr.

John Moore’s client reviews

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  • John W. Moore, Attorney at Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Athena

    Hired attorney

    Look no further if your ever in need a the BEST Defense Attorney in AZ! I live in California and was so scared when I was trying to find an Attorney for my son who made a very stupid mistake. I was referred to John by another AZ Attorney who didn't have time for my son's case. As soon as I spoke to John, he made my anxiety attack disappear. I knew from the start he was experienced and could get us through this nightmare; and he did. John kept in touch with me throughout the whole process and answered all of my questions and made me and my son feel at ease. John also worked with me on his fee. I know this kind of hard work is expensive, but John worked out a very reasonable fee and saved us money. Thank you John, for all your hard work and dedication to my sons case. We appreciate you!

  • Kept me in a calm state of mind.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michael

    Hired attorney

    Wow, where to begin. This case was the first time I was ever a defendant. Scared of not knowing what happens, I reluctantly found Mr. Moore. He used his experience to explain the entire process to me and put my mind at ease. I would definitely use Mr. Moore in the future. We won our case( SLAM DUNK) and now I am in a better place for it. Mr Moore stood by my side and refuted all the lies propagated by the plaintiff. I cannot put in words how grateful I am to have the pleasure to do business with Mr Moore.

  • Totally a fabulous lawyer, standup person, and TOTALLY the right person to get the job done!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kimberly

    I cannot stress enough how much John Moore did for me in a time of crisis, frustration, fear and stress. From the minute I called his office and talked to his partner, they were both very responsive, friendly and started looking into my case right away, before even meeting with John in person.

    During my initial meeting with John I was a complete wreck. I was nervous, embarrassed, about to cry, and my mind was all over the place. From the very beginning of him offering me water and walking me to his office, I already felt better knowing there was NO JUDGEMENT and that he really just wanted to listen to the details of what had happened during my free consultation.

    John was very friendly and easy going, and didn't have that "cocky" lawyer appeal I had seen before and didn't like might I add. He was very honest with the fact that I did, indeed, need a lawyer and that it would be expensive but that he would charge way less than other "big name" lawyers. He gave me the time to shop around and said to contact him if I decided to move forward with him as my representation with absolutely no pressure.

    He was exactly right! I went to 3 other lawyers and he spot on about the price (competitors being anywhere form 3-6k more)! Not only was the price at others TOO high for me to afford or pay, but the environment and personality's of the others I visited were dreadful. One was a complete salesman and then asked me for 10k, another was basically falling asleep during my consultation and then said, "well, there isn't much I can do," and the third was so unmemorable that I can't even recall anything about him!

    While money was a factor in choosing the right lawyer, I am a big "gut instinct feeling" type person, and knew that I would ultimately choose the person who best resonated with me! I feel lucky and blessed, because not only was that person John, but he was the most affordable as well. I truly believe it was destiny for me to find him.

    Specifically, once hired, John kept me in the loop at all times and more importantly- did everything I needed him to do. He asked the right questions, gathered all of my information, handled the court dates and mostly, kept me calm. I kept asking him if there is anything I should do, or how worried should I be? His response was always calm and with a smile, "Don't do anything and don't worry... you really don't have to worry." This was so hard to hear because I WAS worried. Worried about my future, going to jail and just in general, was a big ball of stress. He totally helped calm me down and even assured me it was okay for me to cross the US/Mexico border to go on a retreat I had already planned! Not only did he tell me to go, but he told me to have a great time!

    About my case, he handled it well... beyond well... COULDN'T HAVE GONE BETTER! I was charged with a Felony 4 for a first offense shoplifting case. I was so afraid of reading about my future and what being a "felon" would do to my life. Not only did he get it dropped to a Misdemeanor, but he also pushed up on the prosecuting lawyer to allow me to take the shoplifting diversion program, in which once completed, the case would be closed. Oh happy day! He did it and all I had to do was show up to court, plead "no contest" and then agree to complete the diversion program, which I did within two weeks!

    In my opinion, John went ABOVE AND BEYOND what he had to. I learned more in his free consultation than the other three free consultations combined! In conclusion, if you are looking for a lawyer I CANNOT stress enough how perfect John is for the job! While he was my criminal defense lawyer, I am confident that whatever your legal issue he could help and do so with confidence, a smile and grace! He was honestly the best person to help me navigate around a legal system I know nothing about! You will not be sorry if you need to hire him for any reason!!!