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  • What is the process in fighting violation cvc 22101 D? What am I going to argue? What am I hoping happens so that I win?

    I am not sure how to fight the ticket or what the process is.

    Cameron’s Answer

    You do traffic school if you are eligible. That is the only reasonable thing to do in your situation if you are eligible. Unless you want this on your record AND you have a to pay a fine.

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  • Why would a judge suspend my license for seven days, and deny traffic school in a Trial by Declaration?

    I received a speeding ticket. 88 mph in a 65 zone. I decided to request a Trial By Declaration. The verdict came back as guilty with no option for traffic school and seven days of a suspended license. I am concerned about the points on my rec...

    Cameron’s Answer

    Trial By Delcaration is always a bad idea. Even worse is NOT GOING to traffic school to start with.

    You were not given traffic school because, rightly so, the judge felt you were trying to have your cake and eat it too. If you were really concerned about the points on your record you would ahve done traffic school, like I did, in LIEU of asking for a trial/hearing. The judge was completely within his discretion to not allow you to go to traffic school. I don't see why he would allow someone going 88 in a 65 do traffic school. Especially because you probably had no legal defenses in your TBD.

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  • Can a malfunctioning part get my speeding ticket dismissed?

    I was pulled over in March of this year for speeding when I had my car set on cruise control at 55. The officer stated I had been doing 62. At that time I had a check engine light on. I agreed to a plea deal. In June, I was pulled over again in th...

    Cameron’s Answer

    You need to beg for traffic school if it is still available. You will lose. It's your duty to make sure your equipment is functioning. Your actual speed and not what you subjectively thought it was, is relevant in this case.

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  • I received a speeding ticket and have a question about trying to dismiss it.

    I have a quick question, i received a speeding ticket and the date to appear on the ticket is on 9-7-15. The 'courtesy" notice that was mailed to us states a different date, pay or appear by 9-14-15, is there any grounds to dismiss the ticket?...

    Cameron’s Answer

    Yes, the grounds to dismiss it is to do traffic school. I just finished mine, it takes less than a day. You will not win based on a technicality. What will happen is the cop will show up, amend the citation if you nitpick, the hearing will be conducted and you will lose.

    Or you can do traffic school and it won't be on yoru DMV record. Hmmm...

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  • Can I Legalize my immigration status permanently ?

    I was born in Mexico but have been in the United States since I was two years old , I have done all my school here and even college I fixed temporary legal status through the dream act and got my work permit and driver license and social security ...

    Cameron’s Answer

    First of all legal statuses are not "fixed". They are not a car or an air conditioning unit. You have lived here unlawfully. There is no DREAM Act. You need to hire an immigration attorney for anything that leads to adjustment of status.

    The fact that you are here illegally means that your relatives cannot at this point petition for you. Additionally the fact that you have a child in the US is not relevant to your being able to adjust status.

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  • She can write a letter do the immigration to tell them i leav with her i ready to apply my asylum case they not send interview


    Cameron’s Answer

    You need to hire an attorney to represent you with respect to your asylum claims. You don't just fills tuff out and send it in. You will be denied and you will be palced in removal proceedings where you will then be deported back to your home country. An attorney will do the following:

    1. Draft a legally adequate asylum application - do you know what the legal standard is?
    2. Submit documents and declarations on your behalf. This is called proof
    3. Attend the interview with you
    4. Make arguments after your interview for your case

    If you fail to hire an attorney you will probably not succeed.

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  • Can I sue the mobile home park for being assaulted by their workers for taking pictures of them while they were working?

    I was taking pictures of the work that was being done when I was assaulted by the workers my brother was hit with a 4x4 .

    Cameron’s Answer

    First of all you should call the police on the workers. Part of the terms of their probation or a term in prison would be criminal restitution.

    The mobile park is not liable if the employees are working outside the scope of their employment. You will have to see a civil attorney if you want legal advice on this. It is very case specific.

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  • I am on 5 years probation for Felony tax fraud and evasion. I am in low intensity case load. Can I travel internationally?

    Any countries that are easier/harder to gain access to? I know some countries are harder with a criminal record than others. Just looking to travel as its something I have done little of in life to this point.

    Cameron’s Answer

    It depends upon the terms of your probation. I don't believe that traveling is a good idea for you right now. You should wait until your probation ends unless you like being stopped and harrassed (legally) at the airport. I haven't traveled internationally since 2000.

    Call your attorney. Your attorney knows the specifics about your case.

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