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  1. Arizona Employers Listen Up! Top Three Actions to Prevent Employment Discrimination.

    Written by attorney Richard Cruz, 11 months ago.

    Employment Law/Human Resources Employers are required to prevent employment discrimination and provide a workplace environment that discourages employment discrimination, harassment and retaliatio

  2. How-To Guide Steps to Take When Involved in an Automobile Collision

    Written by attorney Richard Cruz, over 5 years ago.

    Call the police In every accident, call the local police. A report written by an independent person (i.e. the investigating officer), is your first line of defense against someone who decides to cha

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  3. How to Save Money When Purchasing Auto/Motorcycle Insurance in Arizona

    Written by attorney Richard Cruz, over 5 years ago.

    Purchase automobile insurance on vehicle #1 Make sure you abide by the laws of your state regarding coverage requirements. No specific carrier is recommended. Go with the lowest rate that has the c