Joseph C McDaniel

Joseph C McDaniel

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I'm the world's most boring man.

How boring am I? My personality is so anti-magnetic I can't carry credit cards. I have been known to induce narcolepsy by walking through a room.

When I was a kid, I read comic books, and wished for superpowers like super-strength, super-speed, or the ability to fly.

As it turns out, my super power is exactly the correct one for my profession as an Arizona bankruptcy attorney.

Being super-boring is helpful in dealing with terrified clients; they calm down almost immediately when they are fighting to stay awake.

And being super-boring is helpful when I'm dealing with very angry creditors; they forget to be angry when they're dropping into a soporific state, and then they can think rationally, and decide whether they want to win, or they want more money under my suggested deal. More money always wins, when a large creditor is bored enough to be economically rational.