Deniz Sevim Arik

Deniz Sevim Arik

Photos & Videos

Fish Market, Istanbul, Turkey
Sunset on the Golden Horn from the Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey
The Blue Mosque, The Mosque of Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey
The Galata Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey
Fresh fish sandwiches in Eminonu, Istanbul, Turkey
The Golden Horn, Istanbul, Turkey
My dad when he first arrived in America.  1953
My uncle, circa 1940s or 1950s. Izmir, Turkey
My mom (center) and members of her side of the family.  Marmaris, Turkey, 1950s
My mom's side of the family, Izmir, Turkey 1950s
The New Mosque  (Yeni Cami) Istanbul, Turkey
The mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent.  Istanbul, Turkey

About Me 

“Deniz is a superbly talented and exceptionally bright legal analyst. I found her work to be top-notch and belonging to the highest tiers of appellate practice. She researched and wrote legal positions for clients which were later adopted by the court of appeals, positions that were wrongly dismissed by the lower courts. If you want your case to ultimately prevail, Deniz will deliver it to you!”

August 18, 2009 Randy Tunac (randy at allenandtunac dot com), Bond and Removal Defense Attorney, Allen, Tunac & Coughlon, PLLC


(***Written by my late colleague and friend Randy Tunac. Thank you Randy!  I will never forget you.***)


I am first generation born American.  My parents were from Turkey.  My mother's family were Kosovar Turks, and my father's family were Bulgarian Turks. I have travelled to Turkey several times.  I have also been to Syria and Northern Cyprus. 


In addition to my job for which I have a passion, I love to write.  My other interests include my family, travel to far away places, the Middle East, other cultures, music, reading, camping, swimming, fishing, ice hockey, and soccer when Turkish teams are involved.