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  • Should i get a public defender?

    Asked by a user in Phoenix, AZ - over 4 years ago.

    A subpoena is a court order. If you fail to obey it, the court could issue a warrant for your arrest. If you are called (by subpoena) to be a witness at a hearing or trial, and the questions you...

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  • Evidence CIRCUMSTANTIAL to whom ? the guilty ? or the Innocent ??

    Asked by a user in Bronx, NY - almost 5 years ago.

    The question is not whether it is/is not legal, but whether it happened, Sounds like it did and you were convicted. All you can do now is appeal.

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  • Can I get a hold of a juvenile's probation officer? Will he listen to what I have to say?

    Asked by a user in Surprise, AZ - almost 5 years ago.

    A call to to the minor's probation officer is certainly one approach to take, and hopefully that JPO will do something about the situtation. Another possibility is to obtain an injunction against...

  • Do i need a lawyer for this assault charge

    Asked by a user in East Providence, RI - almost 5 years ago.

    Consult with and retain a lawyer. If you are contacted by the police, direct them to your lawyer. An experienced, competent criminal defense lawyer should know how to "run interference" for you...

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  • My husband beat me up with a belt and i tell the polce he chase me with knive and that wasn't the truth i was mad that he cheat

    Asked by a user in Minneapolis, MN - almost 5 years ago.

    Although I do not practice in your state, in most states, lying to the police is, at a minimum, a misdemeanor. On the other hand, you don't want your husband to "walk away" from this b/c the lie...

  • Can fugitive recovery agents blackmail me?

    Asked by a user in Tempe, AZ - about 3 years ago.

    Bail bondsmen are actually obligated (to their own insurance cos.) to find someone who has skipped bail. However, unless these recovery agents have some evidence that you know where the person is,...

  • Do I have to serve jail time for class 6 felony??

    Asked by a user in Kingman, AZ - about 4 years ago.

    Given the nature of the offense, even a misdemeanor conviction might affect your ability to remain a nurse, at least in AZ. Please see a competent criminal defense attorney immediately, and make...

  • What ways can a criminal case be charged?

    Asked by a user in Casa Grande, AZ - over 4 years ago.

    In state court in Arizona, a felony may be initiated by a complaint and information or by a grand jury indictment. A misdemeanor is usually charged by way of complaint, although a grand jury can add...

  • I have completed probation a year and a half early.i was charged with undesgnated felony 6

    Asked by a user in Scottsdale, AZ - over 4 years ago.

    Yes, unless the judge is willing to designate the offense as a misdemeanor nunc pro tunc -- meaning postdating the misdemeanor designation to before your possession of the gun. I'd suggest you see...

  • Should this deserve a jury trial?

    Asked by a user in Tucson, AZ - over 4 years ago.

    None of the charges you mention are jury eligible in AZ. Did you (if you represented yourself) or your attorney make any kind of objection when the judge made the racist comments? It would have...