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Charlie Naegle

About Charlie Naegle

About me

Commitment to Clients

Charlie Naegle’s primary goal is to practice law so that each of his clients sees that their case is a top priority to the firm. He accomplishes this with dedicated, personalized and committed representation.  Naegle appears in court on a daily basis, aggressively defending clients facing criminal charges ranging from traffic violations and DUI’s to complex murder cases.  Personal rights and freedoms are on the line in these cases. The stakes are high and Naegle is committed to making sure your case gets the attention in the system it deserves.


An Aggressive Advocate

Many criminal defense attorneys take pride in the fact that they used to be prosecutors or even police officers.  This is not a commendable past where criminal defense is concerned. Charlie Naegle has never been a criminal prosecutor or former police officer.  He has never, nor will he ever, prosecute or convict anyone for any offense.  He has never arrested anyone or put someone in jail.  Charlie Naegle has dedicated his time as an attorney to defending those who are facing criminal charges and has fought aggressively to protect their rights and to prevent convictions from occurring.


Thorough, Personalized Representation

During his time as a criminal defense attorney at larger Arizona firms, Charlie grew tired of his clients being treated like just another case number or dollar sign.  He felt that those he was working for deserved a better, more personalized form of representation.  Charlie founded the Naegle Law Firm with the intent to provide a more thorough, aggressive form of legal representation.


Dedication to Education and Experience

As a criminal defense attorney, Charlie Naegle has extensive trial experience and the reputation as an aggressive advocate for his clients.  He has established a relationship with prosecuting attorneys from many jurisdictions, allowing him to receive favorable outcomes for his clients in most situations. 

Charlie earned his law degree from Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.  Prior to that, he received his bachelors in Business with a minor in International Business from Western International University.  He is currently an adjunct professor in the criminal justice division of the University of Phoenix, teaching others what he has experienced in the criminal justice system.  A dedicated father and husband, Charlie spends his free time with his wife and children. He is also an avid motorcycle rider.

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