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Kristen M Curry

Kristen Curry’s client reviews

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  • The best of the BEST!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by shannon sharifi

    Hired attorney

    She is without a doubt the best attorney ever! She was referred to me and I'm so thankful I checked her out. My case was tough and in the end we won! Thanks Kristen!

  • Excellent Review for Kristen Curry

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    I cannot stress enough how glad I am that I enlisted the services of Kristen Curry. Kristen did a wonderful job of representing me. She truly went above and beyond. I was thoroughly impressed with her legal knowledge and passion for ensuring that justice was served. Her keen observation of many inconsistencies in the case against me and her recommendation to hire experts to refute testimony made all the difference in the positive outcome of my case. Kristen was an amazing advocate for me during a very stressful time in my life and that of my family. I am grateful for all the efforts of Ms. Curry on my behalf during the time she represented me.

  • Without a doubt - the BEST in her profession!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Pamela

    Halfway knowing I may be facing a prison term for the charges against me, I thought I could work with a PD, however, after a few "pretrial conferences" and seeing that the state was not budging on their offer, I didn't know what I was going to do. Eventually, the judge advised me that if I didn't accept the states offer that very day in court, I would be looking at a lengthy prison term of 10+ years if I took this case to trial and lost. Scared to death, and contemplating leaving the state, I was going to have to tell my family the reality of what was happening. Bad timing on my part, as my younger sister had just passed away in March 2014. They didn't deserve this, to lose another daughter, although not in death, but the similarities are too familiar. I wanted to talk to a lawyer, to see if there was any light in this tunnel of doom I was facing, and see if I stood any kind of chance for a different outcome. I made appointments with 5 separate attorneys, and was not pleased with what I was hearing after having them read my police report, speaking with me and hearing what the best possible outcome might or might not be. Kristen was my 4th consultation, and upon meeting her, I appreciated her up front approach, not candy coating what she was telling me. Hearing from her what others had basically said as well, I felt like I could trust her, and couldn't be more thankful for making the decision to have her represent me. Still in her office, while reading the police report, she stated that she believed my Fourth Amendment had been violated by the officer who arrested me, with an illegal search. Could this be real? After all, she does teach other attorneys the rights and laws of citizens regarding the Fourth Amendment. This was impressive! Right from the beginning, Kristen let me know what the possibilities were that I was facing, yet she was confident in the approach she had in mind to getting me a lesser sentence or maybe a complete dismissal. Her honesty and integrity was something I knew I could believe in. Kristen’s approach in court regarding this violation to my rights was incredulous and over the top in knowledge, and challenging for the officer in my case. She stated the facts of the case, never backing down from the prosecutor who attacked every statement and motion Kristen made. his prosecutor was determined not to lose this case!! The final hearing was taken into advisement by the judge, which meant the judge would make a decision in a few weeks, after reviewing all the facts in my case. However, leaving court that day, I knew that because of Kristen’s professionalism and knowledge of the Fourth Amendment, and how it applied in my case, it was only a matter of time before hearing my case was dismissed, which is exactly what happened. But we were not done yet!! The prosecutor had filed an appeal on the judge’s decision, and I now stood a chance of having my dismissal overturned by a higher court!! My family didn’t know what to think, let alone the thoughts in my own head. The possibility was real, and Kristen let me know what could happen, and that this process could take another year before a decision was made in the Appellate Court. It seemed like this case would never end!! Then 4 months later, the best phone call I ever received was from Kristen, advising me that the prosecutor filed a motion to dismiss the appeal and that my case is done and over with forever!! Praise God, I could breathe again, putting the past behind me, and allowing me to move forward in my life. There aren't enough words to describe how thankful and grateful I am for having Kristen handle my case. I would recommend a person facing any criminal charges, to at least let her review the case, and have her give her opinion of the possibilities. It will be the closest thing to knowing how to move ahead . . . with or without her on your side. I would always choose having her on my side, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • Superb Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ashley J.

    I wanted to take the time to write a review for Kristen Curry. I was facing a two year prison sentence. Considering this particular offense was not my first rodeo, I was not optimistic. I have never known an attorney to have the heart, care, hard work and integrity Kristen Curry carries for her profession and for her clients. She not only aggressively defends; she investigates, pursues every avenue and fights for her client’s freedom. Her knowledge coupled with character carries her reputation in and out of the courtroom. Because she cared so much I was able to receive probation and the felony conviction will be redesignated to a misdemeanor.
    Ashley J.

  • Impressive

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Diana

    I can't say enough about Kristen Curry. If someone is capable of mastering their career field, she has accomplished and surpassed that in every aspect. Bravo! I have never spoken to any attorney and felt as comfortable and respected as she made me feel. She truly is "on your side". Her work ethic and thoroughness is unparalleled . My case was dismissed by the prosecution by the time she was done with the evidentiary hearing. She is the definition of " #1 attorney" in my book. I recommend her to everyone I know whether they need an attorney or not!

  • Kristen is Incredible

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ben

    I went through a couple lawyers before I found Kristen on this website. After meeting with Kristen for 15 minutes it was obvious she was special. I knew Kristen was the lawyer for my father's case but was worried that my fathers English language barrier would be to much for her. But it was never an issue, Kristen was willing to spend as long as it took in order for my father to understand.

    My father and I were grateful that God sent us such an amazing person not to mention lawyer.

    From the moment Kristen met my father I could see relief and hope pulse back into my father's life. Kristen provided me the guidance in order for me to translate all new info concerning the case to my father in our language. Our meetings were at times long because of my fathers inability to comprehend but that did not seem to bother Kristen. I could tell she really cared for my dad through her patience and compassion.

    Kristen's confidence and presence lights up the courtroom the moment she walks in. I not only recommend her to church and community members but consider her to my Lawyer if I ever need one.

  • You have ONE Chance to get the RIGHT Representation. KRISTEN CURRY SAVED MY LIFE (Personally & Professionally)!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ryan

    As a single father of 4 young children, I was charged with 2 devastating charges of drug related DUI's that seemed to be extremely indefensible. However, despite having a prosecutor that was not willing to budge, Kristen fought hard and was willing to take it all the way to trial realizing how much my personal and professional life would be changed forever. Kristen is the first attorney I've retained after 10+ attorneys that actually "Walked the Walk more than Talking the Talk!" Despite the state's continued attempts to bend the facts to support their case, she continued to fight for me and fully supported fighting for justice at a trial by jury for a flat fee, instead of the usual attorneys I had been accustomed to that seem to care more about billing hours than focusing on my case. Kristen completely outmatched the prosecution with well thought out and supportive arguments as well as having the resources (expert witness, knowledge of Arizona DUI Laws, etc) that made me so grateful that I had her fighting for my rights & clearing my name and charges.
    In doing so, she got my charges completely cleared by her masterful representation at trial that resulted in a unanimous "NOT GUILTY" verdict by the jury. It was truly amazing to watch her in action and after the verdict was read, most every juror came up and told her how incredible she was at presenting the facts and proving my innocence.
    If not for Kristen, I would have a criminal record for life and most likely have lost custody of my children, as my ability to be a father to my children would have been very limited due to reduced parenting time as well as my ability to be an integral part of my children's lives. In addition, she also saved my professional career of 12 years and saved my license that I needed to continue that career, that would have surely been revoked had she not gotten the result she did.
    My children and I are extremely grateful for Kristen Curry and the faith she restored, for me, in the judicial system and more importantly, in finding an attorney that truly cared about my situation and saved my life in so many ways.
    We all have one shot at finding the best attorney that has the ability to get the best results and outcome, and Kristen IS THAT ATTORNEY! This is sincerely the first time I can say that an attorney spent way more time than I felt I had paid for- took my case personally and got the verdict that has cleared my name once and for all! I can only speak of Kristen Curry in superlatives. Nobody has greater depth, experience, & practical wisdom in the areas of Arizona statutes related to Criminal Defense & she proved that in my own situation. Everyone in the courtroom saw how masterful she was in every aspect of the trial and litigation.
    Insofar as such a thing can even be contemplated, she is THE industry standard to which all others are compared in what everyone needs in an attorney. Technically an expert, she is also uncommonly practical and responsive in every way. These are traits that no doubt finds great receptivity from the most diverse clients who consult her. In simple terms, there is NO better individual / attorney to advise across all related matters and who has the range of experience, knowledge, reason & polish.

    Though I hope that I never need the services for a criminal defense charge again, I would STRONGLY recommend her as the ONE attorney to represent you in any criminal defense predicament you may be in. I have learned in the past that choosing the wrong attorney can negatively affect & change your life forever. When it comes to serious charges such as DUI, etc. It is important to realize that you have one ONE chance to find the VERY best representation. She will exceed any and all expectations you have and more. She is an absolute professional & is extremely talented in every aspect of the process for defending her clients!

    I could NEVER adequately thank Kristen for her services & for saving my life!

  • Very professional and highest integrity.Takes clients needs most importantly.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jerry

    We needed an Attorney for a personal family manner and Ms. Curry
    handled it in a very professional manner with speedy results. She
    kept us well informed at all times and was always available.

  • The outcome was better than we could have hoped for

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Liz

    Kristen worked with what could have been nothing to a lot of lawyers, and kept digging for the right answers. At trial, she was a shining star. Her defendent, our son, was a no show at his trial, but she was persistent with the facts of the case, and even without him there, she won the case. My husband and I both felt she was at the top of her game, and we are thankful for what Kristen was able to accomplish under tough circumstances, She was tough when needed, but also compassionate at the same time.

  • Charged with felonies, I hired Kristen Curry. She was outstanding.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mark

    I called Kristen Curry after being arrested on several felony charges and met her in her office. I was immediately impressed by her kind and confident demeanor. She was usually always available via phone, or email, but if a message was left, she promptly called back, regardless of how important it was. She was always familiar with my case, knew who I was, and so if she was not in the office, she
    could still talk specificly about my case. I received a misdemeanor for the sentence, and given the situation, this was very rare. I attribute that to Kristen Curry's knowledge, professionalism, and her approach or strategy for each court appearance. I would highly recommend her for any legal matters. She is a tremendous asset to her clients and I am proud to call her "my attorney".