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Roy C Whitehead

About Roy Whitehead

About me

Chuck Whitehead is an excellent Criminal and DUI defense lawyer.

Born and raised in Arizona, he attended The University of Arizona for his Undergraduate and Law degrees

Chuck was employed by the Office of the Maricopa County Public Defender. As a Deputy Public Defender he defended hundreds of individuals against serious felony charges. Chuck has defended hundreds of Felony DUI cases and more than 40 Vehicular Homicide and Aggravated Assault cases.

In addition to the DUI related cases, Chuck has defended almost every other type of crime in Arizona.

Chuck has spent countless hours in the courtroom and is extremely experienced in all aspects of criminal defense. 

Chuck is currently in private practice. 

His practice is focused on criminal defense and DUI defense in all Arizona courts. His practice has always placed a strong emphasis on DUI and DUI related offenses such as vehicular manslaughter and assault.

 If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation on your case, please feel free to contact the Law Offices of R.C. Whitehead PLLC. (602) 258-6800

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