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Jason A. Schatz

Jason Schatz’s client reviews

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  • grateful for expertise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Art

    Being from out of state, I didn't know where to turn when wrongly arrested Utah. This was completely new territory for me, figuratively speaking. The Schatz Anderson team came highly recommended and I was impressed with their honesty. They gave me a clear picture of what to expect and never sugar-coated anything. Mike knows the law inside and out and was able to find the holes in the case. My DUI was dismissed, as well as the Implied Consent, due to the trooper's lack of evidence. The legal team is also very knowledgeable and kept me informed. I will be forever grateful.

  • Best Lawyer in town

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    He won't try and give you any false hopes and will tell you like it is, no bull! He fought for me and I would recommend him to anyone!!

  • Jason provides the best DUI defense in Utah.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandon

    I talked to several lawyers before I decided Jason was the best option to handle my dui. I was impressed with Jason immediately because he was honest with me, he let me know that my case would not be easy and I would have to do some work on my end to help the case. I blew double the legal limit and was pulled over by a UHP officer who has specialized training on handling DUIs, so Jason had his work cut out for him. The two outcomes I wanted the most were a reduced sentence and to not serve jail time. It took about 7 months to complete my case but Jason delivered on reducing my DUI to an impaired driving as well as keeping me out of jail. 5 months into my probation I made the idiotic decision to violate. I hired Jason again to represent my probation violation and he convinced the judge to dismiss my violation completely. Jason may not be the cheapest lawyer but I can promise you that you will get what you pay for. I would recommend Jason to anyone who needs solid representation on their case. He takes his cases very seriously and will fight for you the entire way.

  • Best DUI Lawyer in Utah

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    I first heard of Jason Schatz when a friend of mine was arrested for DUI. I believe it was not his first offense, and I was impressed with Jason's ability to achieve a fair outcome for him under less than ideal circumstances. In addition, my friend told me that Jason was contesting many of his client's breathalyzer results due to a common problem with the machines. I am also a lawyer, and was impressed by the fact that Jason was really going the extra mile for his clients. So when my husband was arrested for DUI years later, we called Jason. Jason was able to prevent my husband from losing his license with the DL division, and also worked out a deal with the prosecutor that essentially led to the dismissal of all charges. Of course, there were circumstances in my husband's particular case that made this possible. Even the best lawyer cannot work miracles. But if there is any weakness in the State's case, you can be sure that Jason will find it and exploit it in your favor. He is not the cheapest DUI lawyer in town, but worth every penny, in my opinion.

  • Highland, UT DUI

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Jason was really personable. I like that he called me himself at first and not just his paralegal. I talked to another lawyer who was only interested in getting my DUI charges knocked down to impairment, that lawyer's paralegal seemed more fired up about my case than that lawyer. Jason was clear that he wanted to get my case dismissed if he could, which showed that he had faith and believed in my side of the story. Jason didn't take up a lot of my time and didn't expect me to write a 20 page essay. I also like the fact that he didn't spend time telling me everything I did wrong during my exchange with the police. He took the case as it was and went from there. He knew which questions to ask me to help him build a solid defense which wound up getting the charges dismissed without prejudice. You get what you pay for with Jason.

  • Salt lake's best criminal defense attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Matt

    Jason has been the best!! It's stressful to have to deal with the law but Jason takes the sting out of it! Of all the times I couldn't sleep from stress, Jason always found a way to give me peace of mind! He was a recommend from another attorney friend and Jason has been the bulldog you want on your side!

  • The attorney you need to have in your corner...

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brandi

    For anyone charged with a DUI, Jason needs to be your first and only visit. Jason has a true knowledge and knows the inner workings of all the laws associated with DUI's/DWI's. The moment you meet him you can tell you are in the best hands possible for the situation you will be facing. He starts the process immediately and gains access to any info that is out there surrounding your case. He takes care of all the paper work, filing, court dates, etc. He keeps you constantly informed so you are never left guessing what is going on with your case and he is accessible and will answer any questions you have and never makes you wait for those answers. He treats you as though your case is the most important case he has and it makes you feel relieved that someone puts that much energy into your cause and that he truly understands how important the outcome is to you personally.
    Jason took my case in which they had video footage that would have automatically made any other attorney tell me it was a losing battle but Jason fought so hard that I ended up with a plea where I received nothing more than a small fine and a couple of classes that teach alcohol responsibility.
    Speaking as a person where this was the first time I ever had to deal with any of this, it can be overwhelming and confusing and you truly need Jason in your corner right from the beginning.

  • So educated and catches laws in your favor that others might not

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chuck

    He is outstanding very smart and not in it for the money. Seeing him in action is seriously amazing I have high respect for Jason and his knowledge never lead me wrong and got me the best deserved outcome. Thanks again Jason I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I knw or come across.

  • Second to none

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    If you are needing a DUI attorney, I highly recommend Jason Schatz. I know the terrifying feeling of being charged with a DUI. It can be one of the most vulnerable and unsettling places to be. There was nothing Jason didn't know or understand. The prosecutors had a strong case against me... I figured there was no way to have my charges dropped or reduced. From day one, Jason plunged into my case and dissected every piece of evidence regarding it. I had complete confidence in him. I was facing jail time, community service, interlock device, probation etc. My offense was reduced with very little retribution... a fine and community service.
    Seriously, if you are needing a DUI defense attorney look no further than Jason Schatz. I'm so glad to have this all behind me. Thanks Jason!

  • Great Lawyer! Great for DUI Cases! He got my case dismissed!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Casey

    Great lawyer! He got my DUI case dismissed! I got arrested on a 1st time DUI charge just outside of Wendover on the Utah side in May 2008. Crazy circumstance why it all happened, but I ended up being just slightly less than 2x the legal limit. Jason charged me $3500, and got to work right away. He subpoenaed all the records from everywhere – video tapes from the officer’s car, breathalyzer maintenance records, you name it. When the driver’s license suspension hearing came up, he fought like crazy to get the officer to trip up on his story, and he invoked all kinds of crazy statues from the Utah law. I ended up getting my driver’s license suspended for 3 months, but there was nothing to be done about that. In fact, Jason is starting a collection fund from his clients to fight/appeal the statues at the Utah Supreme Court, and I would have loved to have contributed but couldn’t afford much more.

    Anyway, Jason really believes in what he’s doing and loves it. He has had several DUI’s himself, so he’s not a holier-than-thou attorney whatsoever. As for getting the case dismissed, Jason recommended that I take a bunch of DUI courses before the hearing in order to look good. Well, that was a great strategy! He recommended that I take all the courses from:

    Changes Counseling
    7370 Creek Road
    Sandy, UT 84093-6162
    (801) 542-7060

    I completed all the courses way ahead of time, which Jason said was very remarkable. He pleaded my case to prosecutor in Toelle, and I ended up getting one year probation – after which, they would completely dismiss the case against me as if nothing happened! Dismissed! That was easy enough to stay out of trouble, so my case was dismissed a year later. The prosecutor said that he had never seen anyone put forth that much effort, so he was extremely lenient because he said that it was clear that it would only be a one time thing and that I was sufficiently remorseful judging by my proactive-ness in taking rehab courses. Jason said that that was the reason why he let me off, and that I should thank myself. Either way, I thank Jason for helping me beat the charges! I was really screwed, there was no way I would have won at trial.

    Anyway, Jason is good about taking calls, talking to you, explaining things, and returning your calls if he’s in court. I’m not being paid to say any of this, I haven’t seen or talked to Jason in probably a year and a half. He’s a great attorney, and he comes highly recommended by this Utahn.
    - Casey