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  1. What is the statute of limitation for taking my renters to court for non-payment of rent?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Daniel Rodwicke Ybarra
    2. Randall B. Bateman
    3. Craig Bainum
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    The statute of limitations depends on the type of contract you made. If it was a properly executed (signed) written agreement then Utah Code 78b-2-309 likely applies which gives you 6 years to file. If the agreement was oral then Utah Code 78b-2-307 likely applies which gives you 4 years. However, if your contract is oral you may have other issues trying to enforce the agreement depending on what your agreement actually was. For example, the statute of frauds or Utah Code 25-5-4 would...

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  2. Do you have to claim your live in girl friends wages in a divorce?

    Answered about 2 years ago.

    1. Kurt M. Helgesen
    2. Craig Bainum
    3. Daniel Rodwicke Ybarra
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    Although, in a practical sense I agree with the other two attorneys, I also think you need to be ready for your wife to claim that at least part of your girl friend's wages would count toward your gross income for child support calculation purposes. She may claim under Utah Code 78B-12-203(1) that at least part your girl friend's wages count as your gross income as a "gift". Of course it would depend on your circumstances and relationship with your girlfriend. For example, if your girlfriend...