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Ryan M. Springer

Ryan Springer’s client reviews

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  • Outstanding Lawyer in Difficult Time

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle

    Consulted attorney

    Ryan represented me in a case where my surgeon didn't diagnose an infection that spread up my body and left terrible scars. Other lawyers refused to take my case, but Mr. Springer fought for me every step of the way and ended up getting me the money I needed to fix the scars and finally move on with my life. He was friendly and smart and I couldn't have done it with out him. Thank you!!!

  • A Day Late and a Dollar Short

    1.0 star

    Posted by Heidi

    Mr. Springer failed to represent me and my case that he agreed to take to trial, by a mutually written agreement six months prior to statute of limitation deadline. Mr. Springer assured me our case was clear medical negligence in the pulmonary embolism death my ex-husband suffered in front of our two daughters at a SLC hospital. Due to the misplacement of an IVC filter at the coratid artery to prevent clots, my ex-husband died at the hands of a surgeon who placed the filter incorrectly, knew he did, and still completed the surgery and sent him to the rehabilitation section of the hospital, who were also then negligently and grossly ill-equipped to handle his pulmonary emergency post-op. The filter likely dislodged from the vein and caused the pulmonary embolism. Mr. Springer reviewed medical records provided by me for 6 months, and assured me that we had a solid case of medical negligence at the very least. Three days before this case was to be heard before the "medical board", Mr. Springer informed me he could no longer represent my daughters. The statute of limitations had ran while he sat on the medical records for six months. My daughter's lost their father, whom they adored, and we lost a chance to make sure that the surgeon didn't repeat this same mistake. This attorney was unethical in accepting the case, taking too long to review the medical records, and then at the last minute backed out of representing us knowing the statute of limitations date was looming closely. Don't take a chance with Mr. Springer, he may spring something on you - like drop your case three days before it is to be presented to the medical board, and subsequently filed in the District Court. Mr. Springer will ruin your chance to recoup damages from a negligent surgeon's actions, and he will dangerously waste time while your statute of limitations time runs dry.

    Ryan M. Springer’s response: “Heidi, I remember your case, and it was indeed a tragic outcome. As you may recall, at the time, I was working with a different law firm, and did not get to make the decisions about what cases the firm accepted or went forward on. In fact, I did not meet with you during the initial meeting and was not assigned to work on your case by the firm's managing attorney. The review of the medical record was assigned to a different attorney in the firm, and he was responsible for preparing your case for the administrative hearing. Once the lead attorney received the expert opinion that complications presented by anatomy and other co-morbid health issues made the angular deviation of the filter acceptable (i.e., within the standard of care), he chose not to proceed with the case. Because he was out of the office at the time, I was simply asked by the managing attorney to meet with you during the final meeting to discuss the case and explain why the firm chose not to proceed. I am sorry that in your case, I happened to be the bearer of bad news for you and your family. In this particular instance, although I was asked to meet with you for that final meeting, the retainer agreement you signed was with a different lawyer and with a law firm with which I am no longer affiliated. I know that may not mean much to you, and I'm terribly sorry about your loss, as well as your unpleasant experience with the legal system. Although I was not assigned to your case, I remain very sympathetic to your loss, as well as that experienced by your children.”
  • Successful Medical Malpractice ~ with an amazing human touch!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Russ

    Vestibular Loss due to Gentamycin had made me feel that I would never be functional again.....when I was introduced to Ryan Springer, my perspective was totally changed. He is a tremendously intelligent, kind, down-to-earth attorney who skillfully guided me through the uncertain waters of medical malpractice. He has the uncanny ability to educate, comfort and FIGHT with precision. When I was in his presence, he was totally focused on me and my case. I honestly learned more about my injury from Ryan, than any medical professional I had seen. He has taken a personal interest in me and my family, keeping us updated and informed throughout the entire process and well beyond. He is always concerned about my welfare....even driving me to court when I was unable to drive myself. My wife and I can't express enough appreciation for everything Ryan has done for us. The peace of mind, knowing that he was on our side, was, and is priceless. Through this "storm," Ryan Springer has become a true friend for LIFE!!!!

  • Mr. Springer is the consummate professional!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Ruth

    In the competitive society in which we live our nature of sensitivity is altered and one can be left feeling alone. Ryan Springer will give you the human touch we all desire… and respect. This unique attorney and law office will make you feel whole. If one is considering a truly excellent lawyer, then one must consider Mr. Ryan Springer and staff. All through the process, he guided me, gave me suggestions, encouragement and moral support. His knowledge, experience and finesse resulted in a SUCCESSFUL CONCLUSION!!

  • My expierence with Lawyer Ryan Springer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kayla

    Ryan was awesome through out the whole process of my case. He was very sweet, intelligent, informative, caring and involved. Not only is Ryan an excellent Lawyer and represented me extremely well hes very involved with his client and truly cares about them and their well being. He always put me and my feelings first. I strongly recommend him!

  • From a Grieving Widow's Perspective

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Norma

    My dear and wonderful husband, my soulmate, was a victim of medical malpractice. Myself, our daughters, and our family were and are so very heartbroken and devastated! I was grieving and in so very much pain and in need of help! I was not sure where to turn for that help! We were so fortunate to find G. Eric Nielson, his firm, his lawyers and his people! Ryan is our attorney and he has been so wonderful! He is so very caring and very professional! He listens, is so thorough and so understanding! He has been there to get us that help,that myself and my family so desperately needed! Ryan has been our professional, our lawyer, our friend and our hope! He has been the best person we could have found to get us that help! Our experience with Ryan, at this, the most difficult time in our lives, has been all we could have hoped for!