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Jordan Putnam’s Answers

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  • Will I be able to get my money back that I have spent to bail myself for domestic violence that I have not committed?

    My estranged wife blamed me for Domestic Violence. The DA dropped the case for lack of evidence. She tried to put a restraining order on me but when I sent a video of her trying to stab me with a knife to her lawyer, she immediately backed off a...

    Jordan’s Answer

    Your question is a little confusing. Did you post bail on the criminal charges? Or do you mean "bailing yourself out" of the situation in the colloquial sense?

    If you posted bail on the criminal matter and the charges were dismissed and you never missed any court hearings, then you should be able to get your bail money back. However, if you paid a bondsman to post your bail, then the bondsman keeps the fee you paid.

    You will need to speak to a civil attorney about suing your wife.

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  • I was charged with possession of marijuana while at a pond and my friend was smoking

    My friend convinced me to come down to a pond and hangout with him while he smoked a joint. A fish and game officer said he saw us smoking weed from across the lake and told us that if we didn't let him search us, he would take us to jail. We let ...

    Jordan’s Answer

    This is a very fact-specific case. A law enforcement officer cannot search you or your property without probable cause. If he saw and smelled your friend smoking marijuana, that could constitute probable cause to search your friend and his possessions, but not you.

    Regarding the backpack, were there any items in the backpack that indicate the backpack belongs to your friend and not you? The prosecutor may argue constructive possession. However, depending on your location in relation to the backpack, the backpack's contents and the location of your friend, you might be able to rebut the allegation. If so, you might be able to get your charge dismissed. Again, this is a very fact-specific case.

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  • Can I get a plea of abeyance reversed?

    Basically my husband and I were charged with domestic violence in presence of a child & disorderly conduct. I called the cops because a situation needed to be overlooked, not because domestic violence had occured. Court gave us the same attorney w...

    Jordan’s Answer

    You have a couple of options. First, you can try to withdraw the plea. This may be difficult, because a plea may only be withdrawn if you can show that you did not "knowingly" and "voluntarily" enter into the plea. The reason the judge goes through the colloquy in open court and has you sign a rights-waiver form is to verify that you are knowingly and voluntarily entering the plea.

    The second option is only available if your case is currently in a justice court. You could appeal your case to the district court. By doing so, you would get a brand new case. In order to appeal a case from the justice court to the district court, you must file your appeal within 30 days of the entry of the plea.

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