To anyone who wants a review of Todd Reed this was my experience:
My case was very scary and painful one involving C.P.A ( CPS)
they took my kids without trying to find the truth. When it happened it
felt like my world was crashing down around me and was powerless to stop or
fix it, then we found Todd Reed we met with him for the first time and right from the
beginning he put most of my fears at ease. He helped get me get the tools and worked
with me to get my kids back. My wife and I looked all over, talking to different
attorney's and I have to say Todd Reed is in a league of his own. His wife Selena Reed
is his assistant and has to be the sweetest lady on earth. They both answered my calls
or called me back in a very timely matter. His hourly cost was very reasonable and His
legal history was exceptional Do to having this exceptional team on my side
I got my kids back and the case dismissed. I do highly recommend Todd Reed.