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  1. Tax help for my company

    Posted by Larry,
    Overall rating
    • I do not recommend Ethelyn Boak.

    Miss Boak had our information for over a year, charged $5000.00 and did nothing for the money we paid, only contact was when we called her, was a bad choice of lawyer, more interested in her other projects to do anyone a true service, we were highly disappointed with her service

    1. Ethelyn A.B. Boak

      Ethelyn Boak

      Lawyer Comment:

      We are sorry you had a bad experience with our firm. I do not recognize the matter to which you refer, but I strive to provide great service to my clients and I frequently don't charge clients for whom I am unable to resolve a matter if it was something within my control. If you would like to discuss the particulars of your matter further, please contact my firm.

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  2. Finding the best tax lawyer in Wyoming

    Posted by a Tax client,
    Overall rating
    Kept me informed
    • I recommend Ethelyn Boak.
    • Ethelyn handled my Tax matter.

    How to find the right audit rep? Do you ask other lawyers for recommendations, do you go by how well known a firm is, etc? Just like the best restaurant usually isn’t the one with the fanciest exterior or the most advertising, but rather the hidden gem where the team has the right experience, focus, commitment and caring, Lynn Boak Law is an outstanding tax law firm that is a real find. Lynn Boak Laws’ expertise and ability is second to none. We highly recommend the Lynn Boak Law firm for its unique combination of extensive experience working with the IRS, strong knowledge base and practical skill-set, client-friendly approach and commitment to making the time and focus to providing the best representation. Lynn Boak Law did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.