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Matthew C Clawson

Matthew Clawson’s client reviews

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  • Will always recommend Matthew Clawson

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Joey

    Hired Attorney

    My wife found Matthew Clawson years ago in the yellow pages when my attorney moved to Grand Junction. The fact that he offered a free consultation is what triggered us to call.
    I was never married to my daughter's mother and she made it very difficult for me to have a relationship with my daughter from the day she was born. Her and her family tried to keep me out of her life to the point that I had to enforce my own child support order to pursue visitation rights. The first attorney I had billed me for thousands but got nothing done.
    When I met my wife, she did not have children but she had a lot of friends who did and had a very different experience than I did and each side had equal time with the children and were very agreeable that the children came first. She found a great new attorney to straighten things out but that attorney moved.
    Of course, with the mother being difficult more issues came up so we had to find a new attorney and we were very blessed in finding Matthew. We lived on a very limited income with most of my take home going to child support and insurance. He was able to not only help me get sole custody of my daughter but we did it for a very inexpensive amount, for a fraction of what other attorneys would have charged because Matthew was willing to allow us to provide some of the necessary information that we would have normally had to pay a PI for. He was very understanding to our personal situation and my daughter is now a 23 year old mother herself and respects our opinions or advice when she has a situation with her son. She struggled after we got custody of her because she was already going into the 8th grade and she was taught to lie to us from her mother, but she has long since said that she can see now that we loved her and just wanted her to be safe, healthy, and happy.
    Her mother had gotten into drugs and left her and her half brother with their grandparents, and had we not gotten involved, who knows what would have happened with my daughter. Her brother ended up dropping out of high school and the mom and grandparents told him that his father died. Last we had heard, he lived somewhere in Texas and we feel like that same situation would have happened to my daughter if I wouldn't have fought for her and ended up with the right attorney that eventually helped me get custody of my daughter.
    We owe everything to Matthew Clawson. After he took our custody case, we never needed to go back to court again, which was a major relief. As a matter of fact, we never had to deal with my daughter's mother again, which was icing on the cake, she never showed up to court to even fight to keep custody of our daughter.

  • Peace of Mind

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sheila

    Working with Matt and Marsha on three different occasions was stressful for me on a personal note, but I was able to have a tremendous amount of peace and restful nights knowing that they had my back 100% of the way. Matt was very professional and gave it to me straight forward. I was able to make rational decisions based on his confident demeanor. I trust Matt and his team with the lives of my children and myself.

  • Straightforward, Professional, Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Renee

    Matt and his team provide focused attention to my legal concerns. They are straight with the truth, whether it is something I want to hear or not. I appreciate that-- because I need to know all aspects of a legal issue, good or bad, before I can make a strategic decision. They are personable, yet professional. I have referred several people to Matt for consultation.

  • Excellent & Efficient Representation

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jason

    Matt is a consummate professional in all areas and is extremely knowledgeable in the area of family law. He was able to provide excellent representation during my case and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Matt and his staff are very responsive and understanding and made the process much more bearable. I feel he put together a very effective strategy and did so without wasting a lot of time and money. I continue to refer Matt out to my colleagues and friends when they ask me for the best family law attorney in town as Matt is truly the best.

  • Most Trusted

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Dawn

    Matt Clawson and his staff have been the best legal team we have had the pleasure of working with. Matt has always promptly returned phone calls and emails. Unfortunately I went through divorce years ago and my ex husband refused to pay child support after he remarried. Matt and his team were very professional, sincere, honest and caring. I also, did not feel that they nickled and dimed you for every minute and every email. Thank you Matt and Marsha for always being there to answer my questions even years after the fact.

  • He is intelligent, honest, compassionate and wise.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Matthew is by far one of the most intelligent men I have ever known. He not only has the intelligence necessary to be the very best but also an incredible presence in court room. He is intelligent, honest, compassionate and wise. As I learned he can also be very aggressive when necessary. He is very well respected by all the judges and other attorneys who interact with him. Most of all, he truly cares about is clients clients and the work he does. He has won numerous awards and accolades in his career. There is not anyone better out there.


  • I am truly grateful that he is my attorney and I can’t recommend him enough

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Kate

    Matt is an amazing attorney. Due to a spiteful ex-spouse, I have unfortunately made numerous return trips to court. Matt has been there every step of the way, directing me, holding my hand & working his magic in court. He has taken what is a terrifying, stressful and disturbing time and made it easier for me. Matt and his staff are always courteous, patient and kind with me.

    Every time I go back to court, I am not scared or uneasy, because Matt is incredible!! He has a way of reassuring me that everything will be alright and this peace of mind is priceless. Matt is not only a great attorney, but he is a HONEST, FAIR, MORAL and DECENT human being. It is clear his number one priority is the case is ME HIS CLIENT. Nothing else comes before that. I am truly grateful that he is my attorney and I can’t recommend him enough.

    Thak you!!!

  • Experienced, Professional and Knowledgeable

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Mike

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I start by stating that I strongly recommend hiring Matt if you need representation in a divorce.

    I had a very complicated legal matter involving several partnerships, businesses and family members in a divorce. I had hired lawyers from a single lawyer firms to mid-size firms; none of these lawyers could handle the case and certainly could not achieve the results that I was looking for.

    Everything changed when I hired Matt to represent me, my partnerships and my family. He is incredibly intelligent and he truly is a Top of his industry. He was able to work with other lawyers, accountants, and appraisers and the legal system to achieve the results that I was looking for.

    Of the different lawyers that have represented me in a variety capacities- Matt is by far and away the best that I ever had represent me. Matt always had time for me and made me feel like I was his only client.

    I have not reservations in recommending that you contact him. Matt is absolutely the best. I could go on and on about how much he impressed me as I am sure you will be. I understand why he was voted the best attorney in town.

    Thank you.

  • I greatly regret using him

    1.0 star

    Posted by Joseph

    He is very busy. I always wondered whether he was paying attention to my case. It turned out he wasn't, which cost me an extra 23,000 dollars. Any beginning lawyer would have not made this mistake, that being failure to negotiate a separatiion agreement during a divorce.

    Matthew C Clawson’s response: “Upon a review of our records, we were not able to find a client by that name in the past several years whose case meets the reviewer’s description. We think the alleged author Joseph was actually the unhappy ex-spouse of one of our clients. The ex-spouses are often less than happy with the fact of our representation, and sometimes try to find a way to do some injury in return. With that being said, if this was an actual client, it would be highly unusual in that we limit the number of cases assigned to each attorney so that our clients get the special attention they deserve. The attorneys and staff work closely with our clients to ensure that their calls are returned within 24 hours, and that they are satisfied with our representation. We encourage clients to contact us at any time to discuss any concerns. It is very important to us that each case gets the attention it deserves. Since a Separation Agreement is a negotiated document between the parties, all terms must be approved and accepted by the parties. If the parties are unable to agree upon the terms and conditions contained within the Separation Agreement then a District Court Judge or Arbiter hears the parties’ respective positions, take testimony, review evidence and issue a ruling. Careful consideration is given to Separation Agreements, and if the parties cannot agree upon the terms it can be ultimately set for hearing and the case is taken to trial before a Judge. The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, and we hope that Joseph will contact our office directly at (719) 634-1848 to discuss his concerns.”
  • Very Happy!!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    After a long battle in a very complex divorce and uncooperative Ex-Spouse, Matthew handled my case and put me at ease. This firm is very professional and knowledgeable and was very patient with me. They returned phone calls and never left me on edge. The staff was always courteous and helpful. I highly recommend this Family Law Practice to anyone seeking excellent advice.