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Michael D Liggett

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    Posted by a Family client

    If you need someone to fight for you, choose another attorney...

    I hired Mr. Liggett under the impression that I would have an attorney who could stand up to the antics of the aggressive and unreasonable attorney of my ex-spouse, and that he would pay attention to detail and keep me from harm. This was not the case. After convincing me to settle for a ridiculously high monthly maintenance payment and to give up a large portion of my retirement, Mr. Liggett didn't submit paperwork in a timely manner for a QDRO, after which my ex and her attorney filed frivolous, (in my view), contempt of court charges. After putting me off for months, and telling me that we're not in contempt, Mr. Liggett let the case go to court, where he finally suggested settling. When I questioned this, Mr. Liggett threatened to walk out on me during our meeting before the hearing. This behavior was unacceptable, especially since we could have settled months earlier and saved me time, angst, and money. In addition Mr. Liggett overlooked loopholes in my stipulation that left my name on the mortgage of the home awarded to my ex spouse. She failed to pay her mortgage and damaged my credit to the point that I can't qualify for a credit card. After calling him and emailing him several times over several weeks about rectifying this problem with no response, I ended our relationship. Mr. Liggett gave reason in his formal notice of withdrawal as my counsel that "Irreconcilable differences exist between petitioner and counsel." Had he simply called me to let me know what these differences are, I would have listened. Yet he chose not to do this, and I truly feel it was because he was intimidated by the ex's attorney. I can see where Mr. Liggett might be decent if the other side is reasonable. However, if your case is contentious and you need someone to really fight for you, I'd recommend going elsewhere.