Two insurance companies were involved in this toxic tort case involving a home being made unliveable and property severely damaged by a remodeling company. The contractor and his construction company were found guilty by the court. An out of court settlement not anywhere near consistent with the amount of damages documented was negotiated for payment of damages. One insurance company made disclosure to attorney of $10,000 Med Pay available for the asking. The attorney did not ask for it. The other did not disclose the amount available. The attorney did not request the disclosure. The value of the house was a major factor in the case. The attorney did not obtain an appraisal of the value of the house. He did, however, attempt to obtain an appraisal of the value of the property but did not obtain it from an expert (i.e. the value of used books was obtained from information on and not from a used book expert). There were many medical injuries involved to myself and several animals. I also got asthma from the exposure. The attorney did not get any medical experts for the case. The attorney did not inform me when crucial motions were in process between himself and opposing counsel. Opposing counsel stated as a fact that I had said something in deposition which was an error by the court reporter and had been documented as such. Attorney did not point this out in his response motion. Attorney made factual error in his response motion. When I made attorney aware of his error he acknowledged it was an error but would not tell the judge.