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Scott Hayden Robinson

Scott Robinson’s client reviews

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  • Charged and don't know where to turn.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by David

    Hired attorney

    In the course of doing my job I was arrested and charged with two criminal misdemeanors. I was in disbelief with the arrest and total hands off approach my employer took during the 3 month internal and county investigation.
    Realizing I needed legal advice and direction regarding the judicial system I contacted/interviewed 3 lawyers and Scott was the only lawyer who, upon hearing the circumstances, took a stance towards dropping the charges rather than some sort of plea deal.
    Not knowing how the system works and what to expect Scott kept me updated on findings and accompanied me in meetings to provide statements. Through-out the emotional roll-a-coaster Scott was calming, informative, and knew when to take action and knew when to hold back. I always felt that my case and its status was a priority to Scott and that he was consistently working on my behalf.
    Court day arrives and all charges are dropped and shortly after my record is sealed.
    Needing criminal legal help is never a positive thing however if you want to know options, best direction, possibilities and truth on where you stand, Scott Robinson is your best chance.

  • Best attorney you can get ...period!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sam

    Hired attorney

    Scott Robinson is a dedicated attorney who's experience and insight can't be matched. He is highly driven and a man of strong principles. He exhibits both honesty and compassion at a level uncommon in his profession. What's more, Scott is incredibly persuasive and influential, to an extent I have not witnessed before.

    Scott worked tirelessly on my case long hours, providing both honest and candid advice at all times. He routinely came up with new ideas to advance our position and was open to exploring my suggestions without hesitation.

    His knowledge of the law, ability to influence and persuade and excellent reputation and respect within the legal community delivered on every occasion.

    As such, I could not have asked for a more professional and devoted advocate in my case and would highly recommend Scott Robinson for a broad range of legal matters.

  • Very Helpful

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brad

    Hired attorney

    Scott represented me during some legal trouble I was in. Not only was Scott the most reasonable with regards to price, he was also the most knowledgeable and most helpful by far. I have recommended Scott to anyone looking for a lawyer and will certainly continue to do so.

  • Personal Injury Case Settled to Our Satisfaction

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sherry

    Hired attorney

    Scott Robinson took my personal injury case when it was almost too late to file a suit. I was still not in very good physical shape and it took some time to provide him with all the information he needed. He was patient and clear about what we needed to do at each step of the way. Before we retained him, Scott told us the difficulties that might hamper our case and gave us a clear idea of what information he needed before our first appointment. At that appointment, it was clear that he had carefully reviewed the information I sent. He made us feel that our cause was reasonable and that I had done a good job in providing him with the information. He explained the contingency contract clearly and told us the next steps. We left his office thinking we might not win the suit, but we had made a good choice in coming to see him. After handling the case well for years and keeping us well informed, Scott got the lawsuit settled for us with the skill and careful attention to both the details and the big picture that he had shown all along. Scott provided expert professional representation - as well as sensitivity to my physical difficulties, worries, and concerns - every step of the way. His explanations were always clear and straightforward and he was always listening, always looking out for our interests. He never made any promises or assurances and he always told us the risks and likelihood of success without sugar-coating or negative comments. We always felt sure of his truly representing our interests and seeking the best possible result for us. And we think that's exactly what he got.

  • Scott's a Lawyer I trust!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tina

    Hired attorney

    I came across meeting Scott H Robinson when I was in need of legal advise along with representation. At first I was floored at the price of lawyers.... Scott, like most lawyers are expensive, but overall he was reasonable. I also believe you pay for what you get. Besides, the whole reason I was seeking legal advise was I went cheap and I dealt with cheap.
    I had interviewed a couple of lawyers, and not one made me feel comfortable and at ease the way Scott did. Scott is probably the hardest most down to earth lawyer I know. He truly takes the time to listen, get to know you, and figures how to best represent you. He is genuine, honest, and seriously, works harder than no other. After taking your case, he doesn't hand it off to another colleague who might be younger or less experience. He, himself, takes it and works it through until the end. Through that he is in constant communication and available to answer any and all questions or concerns. He is very personable. He takes your case and does what a lawyer should do, work it. You can put your mind at rest knowing that Scott is in all conscience working your case with every detail.

    I am grateful to Scott, as he had my case dismissed in no time, and provided advise and steps to having my record and name restored. He is still available for question and advise. Scott is a great lawyer, hard worker, and one I would trust if I ever needed again to represent my life.

    Thanks Scott!! :)

  • Death Penalty

    4.0 stars

    Posted by Velma

    I met Scott approximately five years ago. I was charged with first degree homicide, the death penalty was a looming factor. I had three bond hearings, in which case all three were DENIED, as first degree is a No Bond in the State of Colorado. My family and myself had interviewed with several other Lawyers, and we we informed that if I was lucky, I would serve 16-35 years in prison, or life versus death penalty.
    Scott interviewed me in jail, and set a promised goal. Upon meeting with Scott, I only trusted GOD more than him with my situation. I allowed him to take the reigns of my case without questioning or intervention on my behalf. I TRUSTED HIM COMPLETELY. "To GOD be the Glory". Scott commanded and controlled the Courtroom in a respectful and coy manner. He is an awesome piece of work on display in a courtroom. I WAS GIVEN BOND. Scott said a plea was unacceptable. We went to trial. ALL of the "Prosecutor's Witness' " perjured themselves. The Death Penalty was withdrawn a couple of weeks before trial, Scott NEVER received a plea offer or reduction of charges. LIFE IN PRISON WAS MY ONLY OPTION... I WAS ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES!!!! Scott is very close to my heart, and I love him dearly for his SUPPORT and Defense.
    Scott has a very professional and caring team of office staff "the Ladies" are phenomenal. With the above mentioned charge comes a lot of devastation and lingering "legalities" , Scott has been my Knight in Shining Armor " for these events as well.
    I have "Entrusted" several friends with different, yet difficult Legal situations to Scott, and ALL of them have experienced the same jovial success, respect, and admiration as I.
    "You can Trust Scott with Your Life." I DID....

  • The Best Attorney in the Denver Area

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Scott

    I was in a heap of trouble facing serious criminal charges to the tune of 5-12 years in prison. This was my first experience with the legal system and facing such charges I wanted the very best defense. In researching my options it was recommend to me to look at Scott Robinson and will say that recommendation came from a long time attorney in the San Diego area that knows Mr. Robinson was one of the very best in the Front Range.

    My pretrial case lasted almost a full year until I ended up pleading guilty to charges of menacing and received probation as my sentence. I was very pleased with this outcome but I could have rolled the dice and gone to trial. I know Mr. Robinson would have done a suburb job in a trial but the cost didn't make any sense to proceed in a trial vs. getting probation as a sentence.

    Scott Always said his number one goal was to keep me out of prison, which he did. I felt his knowledge of the law, his relationships in the DA's office and his ability to remember such details is what kept me from going to prison.

    If you are looking for someone experienced, has impeccable memory of details, great knowledge of the law, knows how the system works and has a great sense of what is needed in a court of law I would recommend Mr. Robinson with all 5 stars.

  • Highest Marks for Personal Injury

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Nicola

    When dealing with a personal injury, it is of the utmost importance to be able to focus each and every day on physical recovery and the sudden uprooting of a life that has also been turned upside down. After my injury, I made one phone call to Scott Robinson, and his words to me were, "Take care of yourself, and I will take care of everything else." And, he did. My case took shape while I was incapacitated. Every detail of my personal injury case was handled flawlessly and professionally. From start to finish, I felt my strongest ally, Scott Robinson, had my back at all times. Scott kept me informed on a regular basis, by mail and with one-on-one phone conversations. As the case progressed, Scott anticipated what the defendants would most likely do and was always prepared to stand his ground-- for me. His knowledge of prior personal injury cases is extensive and impressive. Scott also has a solid sense of different jurisdictions and their history in personal injury cases. Moreover, he connects with clients on a personal level, which is vital when one is dealing with a very personal, life-altering injury. Scott Robinson gave me a feeling of complete faith and confidence from that first phone call. That faith and confidence never wavered.

  • Disciplined, Intelligent -- a Hard Charger

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Leland

    I have known Scott Robinson for over 35 years. I worked as a District Court trial judge before becoming a professional mediator at Judicial Arbiter Group, Inc. Scott appeared before me on frequent occasions and has mediated cases with me at JAG. Scott is among the elite of the trial bar in the State of Colorado. His intelligence, wisdom, energy and experience combine to place him in the highest tier of trial lawyers in the state. He has a finely tuned moral compass and represents his clients fairly and ethically. He is a hard worker and knows how to relate to his clients as well as juries. I am proud to know and recommend Scott Robinson.