Todd Frank Bovo

Todd Frank Bovo

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Attorney Todd F. Bovo licensed in all Colorado Courts
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About Me 

After spending years responding to 911 calls as a paramedic/firefighter, Todd Bovo is no stranger to helping people when they need it most.  As an attorney, Todd uses the skills he learned as a paramedic/firefighter to aggressively help people get the justice they deserve in the legal arena. 


His experiences, along with his license to practice law, have enhanced his communications skills and his ability to efficiently reach optimal resolutions.  He knows how to react quickly and decisively to get fair results for his clients.


People sometimes ask Todd, “So you used to drive ambulances, and now you chase them?” 


Todd is confident, assertive and successful and believes that a great lawyer’s value is not handling great cases, but in making ordinary cases great.  He will exceed your expectations and make significant contributions necessary to achieve a just result.  Given the strengths and positives attributes he possesses, his fees are reasonable and realistic making him an excellent value for his clients.


As a seasoned litigator, Todd has honed his dexterity analyzing, successfully negotiating and trying numerous cases.  His clients have benefited from his ability to consistently recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each case and develop creative problem-solving strategies to achieve early resolution.  He makes his clients feel confident that they will be in good hands and get the justice they deserve.


As a potential client, bios help you sort out the probables from the possibles but Todd would like to meet with you and demonstrate that, along with his credentials, he has the personality and horsepower suitable to bring the type of results you expect.  Be assured your investment of time will be amply repaid.