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People of the State of Colorado v. Ronald Smith

Case Conclusion Date: 09.19.2011

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: On Appeal

Description: In December of 2010, the City and County of Denver filed criminal charges of 2nd Degree Burglary and Criminal Mischief against Mr. Ronald Smith, a well known and respected lobbyist in Colorado with (really goes without saying) no prior criminal history. The allegations involved Mr. Smith breaking into his ex-wife's home and causing property damage. During the case, several key pieces of evidence were either destroyed or not collected by the police. Additionally, a fingerprint was recovered at the scene that did not belong to Mr. Smith, nor the two occupants of the home. Mr. Smith's whereabouts during the time period of this alleged burglary were accounted for by several witnesses, and even the cell phone tower records obtained by police showed that Mr. Smith was never at his ex-wife's home. This case is currently under appeal after a guilty verdict was returned after a week long trial that involved over 60 witnesses in September of 2011. We are hopeful that the Court of Appeal finds reversible error made during the motions hearings and trial so that Mr. Smith may regain his status.

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