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David Scott Woodruff

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  • I am 39 yrs old and went to the hospital with obvious signs of a stroke and they sent home

    now I have no use of my left side

    David’s Answer

    Very sorry to hear about your stroke. Was it ischemic (caused by a clot) or hemorrhagic (by a bleed in your brain)? What were the symptoms you presented with? Headache and neurologic deficits? Did they do a CT scan? I've handled a number of cases like yours and would be glad to talk to you.

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  • Can I get out of agreement due to medical reasons

    was in hospital with head injury, I dont recall event, dont feel like my rights were protected

    David’s Answer

    Depending on what type of "Agreement" you entered into, you may be able to dispute it (i.e. attempt to nullify a contract) by demonstrating you did not have the mental capacity to enter into a contract at the time. The burden will be on you to prove this, and if the other party to the contract has relied to his/her detriment (i.e. paid money, etc.) then "equity" may require you to repay whatever the other party lost. s

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