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Brian John Lampert

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    Posted by Tammy


    This attorney is unreliable and does not enter all the evidence into trial. But when you are going against a female make sure you get someone else. He informed my husband in front of me that during our trial all he could think about was how hot the Dr would look in fishnet stockings. He wasnt fighting for me. He would never return calls, and while on the phone he would make you feel like an idiot. If he came about some evidence/witness he had to look for he wouldnt do it. But, yet when it came to actually getting the evidence he had you do it. He wouldnt file a thing he had you go to the drs offices and hospitals and get your files for him. And when it came to filing an appeal he told me he wasnt going to do it and went behind my back and made a deal with my husband without my knowledge to have my case dropped. This attorney is not in it to help the victim he is in it for his own pleasure. He could care less if you are suffering. I filed a claim against him with the bar association but they didnt do anything because he worked for them. Talk about justice. I would not recommend this attorney not even to my worse enemy.