My GF's ex was shorting her 20% a month on child support and alimony. Hirschey came recommended. I paid him $1500 to get 1: the 20% recovered. and 2: the ex to take 1/2 the responsibility for the dog. Hirschey said he could do that for $1500. I paid him. We didn't hear anything from this guy for 5 months. Then we get a bill for $680 more dollars. He literally did nothing. My GF did everything herself through mediation. He didn't even know that divorce records are sealed in Jefferson County. We had to go to the court house and get them. There is a free county service to help lower-income victims of rich ex-spouses. Hirschey is an unscrupulous jerk. Accounting practices highly questionable and has the personality of a pet rock know-it-all. He literally did nothing. My GF wound up with LESS income and didn't recover ANY of the back child-support (Over $2500) owed her. Worst to me is that we're still stuck with the dog, which we love, but doesn't travel well. Steer clear of this creep.