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David Littman

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  • Ethical and Moral, Puts children first

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    David Littman is incredibly intelligent and intuitive. I had (and still have) an incredibly complex case, and David Littman acted as our CFI, several years ago. The sum of his experience, professionalism, and uncanny sense of what is best for children proved to be a safety net for my son, and for myself. Unfortunately, the cost of litigation put me into bankruptcy, and I could no longer afford his services. Fast forward several years, and we still are involved with expensive litigation, only now, we do not have access to David Littman. It has been a devastating experience, not just for me, but for my son. With no end to litigation in sight, I can honestly say, I did not realize what I had in Littman, until it was gone. If you find yourself in the midst of toxic litigation, secure your child's best interest by investing in David Littman. He will be the light in the midst of darkness, and he will put your child first. There is much corruption in the attorney/cfi world, and you will avoid it by trusting David Littman and his absolutely amazing firm.

    David Littman’s response: “I very much appreciate that you have taken the time to offer your positive comments about my efforts in your case. We strongly urge people who contact us to avoid court if at all possible and to take control of the resolution of their legal situations. Protracted litigation does use of precious financial resources, but also is emotionally exhausting and sometimes devastating to the parents and children involved. I am very sorry to hear of the ongoing tigation. Of course, as CFI (Child and Family Investigator), my role as a neutral and objective professional in the case was limited to providing the court with the best information possible about each parent and the children. I continue to wish you and the children the very best.”
  • Outstanding Family Lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    David came into our lives at a very confusing (and potentially devastating) time. Going through a divorce is hard enough, add a special needs child and their best interest, and you can have a pretty messy experience. I knew that my struggles as a single parent were bound to be hard, but the calm demeanor and professionalism that David exudes saved my sanity and spared many of my fears.

    David provided wonderful advice in a very clear and calm manner. He was prompt in handling even the smaller details of my case and providing quick counsel when little incidents would arise-- such as exchanges during custodial visitations. David was also extremely respectful to what I perceived as the "unique details" of my family dynamic. He made a great recommendation about seeking additional help from a professional therapist to create parental schedules and modifications that are supportive of a special needs child.

    I learned many important things in my marriage and divorce. But the primary reason I think I "survived" (and in fact, began to "thrive") post divorce was because David helped me understand about healthy expectations. He taught me how to create a non-hostile environment with my ex-spouse so that we could eventually co-parent with success. And what I learned has carried over in so many aspects of my life. I am very grateful for his commitment to my family during a very difficult time.

    David Littman’s response: “It is very kind of you to comment in such detail about the part we played in assisting you through this difficult time. I am pleased to hear that the divorce process became a time of learning and growth for you. It certainly is possible to survive the experience and the process of divorce. In this situation, given the needs of a special needs child, we were able to focus on assuring this special little boy was well taken care of, both at the time of divorce and for the future. At Littman Family Law, we are concerned about how we can assist our clients through the divorce process but also how we can help them prepare and plan for a positive and productive future. You were a pleasure to work with. We hope to hear good news from you in the years to come.”
  • Best in the business

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Sarah

    Hired Attorney

    David and his company helped me through the hardest time of my life, and helped me tell my story. When I was in need he dove right in, and helped me get not only a settlement out of court, but more than I was getting prior to it all! David and his team are kind and thoughtful, never quick to anger and so respectful. I cried over the phone with them many times and never once did they push me to the side. Not to mention, I live in California and they are in Colorado. We never even met face to face and I still had the best sense of calm down when talking with them. They know their stuff and will work hard for you.

    David Littman’s response: “It was our pleasure to work with this client and to achieve such a successful outcome for her. We will be thrilled to hear from her in the future and learn how she and her children are doing. Under very difficult conditions, she embodied the concepts of calm and collected.”

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I have been a client with this attorney and his office.
    I will tell you that promises were made and once he got his retainer, he NEVER followed through on any of them.
    I was never kept up to date on what was going on. My children have gone through HELL because he did nothing to help them, like he was hired for.
    Please be careful and go to another attorney.
    David is very expensive and not worth what you pay!!

    David Littman’s response: “I am very open to discussing this person's concerns with him or her. We work very diligently to provide the best legal services possible to each of our clients. Unfortunately, this person has not brought the concerns to our attention or given us a chance to address them directly. My invitation to the individual who wrote the review is please contact me and have a discussion as to how we can assist you.”
  • Review for Littman Family Law

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tedd

    Without reservation, I strongly endorse David Littman and the entire team at Littman Family Law. David is a talented listener and was quick to understand the many complexities about my compensation and retirement. For a divorce that seemed to become more complex and contested with each passing week, David skillfully de-escalated the many sensitive issues with a calm demeanor. His para-legal, Deb, was most helpful and efficient in helping me navigate all the other details during the most stressful time of my life. Thank you.

  • Heart of gold, tough as nails!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Catie

    I am so glad that I worked with David for my collaborative divorce. He was extremely knowledgable, flexible when he needed to be, strong when he needed to be and responsive to my needs. He also tracked my emotional state and paid special attention to the needs of my children. His insight and experience with mental health was a strength in his work with me. I would recommend him without hesitation.

    David Littman’s response: “I really enjoyed working with Catie. Even though this was a difficult process, she was actively involved in her case. We worked together as a team to achieve the very best outcome for her, her children and with a sense of dignity for her former husband. Collaborative divorce is not the answer for all clients, but is a very viable option for many. We are available to discuss this option should you wish to contact us.”
  • I would not recommend David Littman and his law firm to anyone

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I would not recommend this law firm or any the lawyers that work here to anyone. They are unprofessional, untrustworthy, and incompetent. I was told to allow my ex to have one week of custody before the Initial hearing in order to avoid court and to the show the Judge that I was trying to be cooperative, and that we could get it changed at the Primary Custody Hearing. I was not told that a judge will rarely take away time freely given to a parent unless there is proven Endangerment Issues. I was not made aware of this until AFTER my case was finished and I spoke to other lawyers about my case. Had my lawyers at this law firm been completely honest with me I would have never agreed to a week of custody, across two different states for a baby.
    This law firm sees nothing wrong with 50/50 custody no matter the distance or age of the child (my child was a baby at the time of our hearing)
    I was told that they would do research on how a long distance parenting schedule would affect my child and present it to these findings to the court as well as get expert witnesses to help your case. But when the time came they did not do any of these things. No research, no advice, no expert witness.
    The lawyers here do not know who the Judge for my case was. I asked on several occasions who my Judge was and I was outright lied to. They told me one judge who they thought was fair and impartial until the day before court when I was finally told the truth. I’m still not sure why they chose misinform and mislead me.
    During the hearing one of my lawyers stayed on his computer to shop, my other lawyer daydreamed and zoned out, missing key information. She could not recall half of the case a few days afterward, so she was unable to answer any of my questions.
    While the judge was giving her ruling in my case, they began whispering to whisper to one another which meant they missed key instructions from the judge, questions from the opposing lawyer.
    I got the feeling that this was truly an Income Job for these lawyers and I was billed outrageously. Any questions or disagreements I had was met with the company line, “We are the best law firm in town, so we are allowed to charge high prices because we give you the best.” When I inquired further they became rude and threaten to ruin your credit report.
    All in all, I lost my child, my time and my money using this incompetent law firm. Beware this law firm.

    David Littman’s response: “I am most willing to discuss this party's concerns directly. If he or she will contact us, I am offering to spend time to answer questions at no cost to the client. The comment, "We are the best law firm in town, so we are allowed to charge high prices because we give you the best," does not sound like a statement that I or any members of the firm would make. We do not threaten to "ruin a client's credit report." If a client owes an attorney for providing legal services, the attorney does have a right to be paid according to the fee agreement. If that is what this party is concerned with, again, I am most willing to meet at no cost to the party and work through his/her concerns. We look forward to working with our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.”

    1.0 star

    Posted by Paul

    Mr. Littman was recommended to me by my attorney to resolve an issue of harassment after the previous PC/DM violated her own protocols, along with C.R.S., and established a private line of communication with my ex and her attorney.
    Mr. Littman finds himself incapable of requiring that my ex comply with current orders as far as financial discovery go or demanding credible facts to support her fabricated spin relating to an injury I had sustained due to no fault of my own.
    I concur with a few of the other negative reviews in that Mr.Littman is anything but objective.
    I also agree with previous reviews in that Mr. Littman says a lot but never follows through on those statements. Mr. Littman has made several statements to my attorney that he was ready to resolve my case almost 6 months ago but never followed through. His communication is pretty much non-existent to me but he has regular contact with my ex and her attorney. I have hand delivered documents to his office along with bills from my doc for records HE requested. Sadly, other documents get "lost" and the bills sent to him by my doc go unpaid - even after contacting his office to let them know the bill was still not paid.
    Mr. Littman has been stalling the resolution of my case for what appears to be the direct benefit of my ex and her attorney.
    I am unfortunately a current client of this person but would warn anyone looking for a true professional to stay away from David Littman!!!!
    In handling my case Mr. Littman has also used questionable billing practices.
    In my opinion, Instead of doing his appointed duties as an officer of the court and handling my case in a professional and objective manner Mr. Littman pretty much does what he wants to - regardless of the effect on the people paying his salary.

    AllI can say to all reading this review is good luck but DO NOT USE THIS ATTORNEY!!!

  • The most invaluable asset during post-decree litigation? David Littman.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Melanie

    David Littman came highly recommended to me by multiple friends who are themselves lawyers. I cannot thank them enough for that referral; retaining David as my representation during a series of post-decree conflicts with my ex-husband provided me with the support I needed to navigate a very stressful period with confidence.

    David took over my case as the fourth attorney I had engaged since my divorce in 2008. Because of this, he had years of history to acquaint himself with to fully understand the intricacies of my case. He dealt with this with aplomb, even though I had an immediate need for his guidance in how to handle unfounded allegations of child abuse that my ex-husband reported to Child Protective Services and the police department. David diminished my ever-growing fears that I would be misunderstood by these agencies by making sure I knew what to expect in my interactions with them.

    David then helped negotiate with the opposing council to choose a Parenting Responsibility Evaluator-- the individual who would examine the living situation of both homes, interview both sets of parents, interview our children, and then make a recommendation to the court on what would be in the best interest for the children. Needless to say, choosing the right PRE was imperative, and David made sure to fight for one who was well versed in high-conflict divorces as well as the unique needs of autistic children. David's previous experience in working with divorced parents of children with disabilities allowed him to know the intricacies involved in this process, and helped him find the best PRE for our case.

    When the PRE's report came back favorably for our side, David used the leverage there to push for a mediation settlement versus a court appearance. However, the threat of a court case was always present. David showed a deft understanding of the law as well as human nature to seek the best outcome for my case.

    In the end, David guided a potentially volatile case to an amazing conclusion. I began the process feeling overwhelmed and like I was going to lose my children even with no wrongdoing on my part. By the end I felt-- for the first time since my divorce-- like I was in a position of confidence.

    David's office is incredibly welcoming. Instead of a sterile office building, David works out of a beautiful Victorian house in Denver. His staff of associates and paralegals are adept at their work, and were always willing to help whenever I needed. Even though I have a difficult time interacting with men in a position of power, David put me at ease with his gentle demeanor. For being such a strong gentleman and powerful lawyer, his interactions with clients is personal and non-threatening. Additionally, his tendency to bring one of his dogs to the office with him serves as a form of calming therapy for his clients-- assuming they like dogs!

    I recognize that I was a high-maintenance client. David was more than willing to talk with me whenever I needed, either through email or phone conversations. His paralegals were fantastic at addressing my immediate needs, and then scheduling a specific time when I could speak with David, so I would know exactly when I would hear back from him. More than once David called me when he was out of town on business, or after hours. His willingness to ensure my peace of mind was invaluable.

    I would highly recommend David Littman to anyone looking for family law representation, especially anyone coping with a high-conflict situation.

    David Littman’s response: “I want to thank you for the very thoughtful and extremely detailed response. When a potential client reads this review, I believe that you have provided a well developed image of what we do, how we work with our clients and the level of professionalism that we endeavor to bring to each client's situation. We do not approach each client and each case in the same way as we work to understand the unique circumstances that each of our clients faces.”
  • Fantastic Law Office

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jennifer

    This was my first time having to work with and attorney and I was truly amazed at the level of service I received from David Littman and his awesome staff!! He truly made what was a horrible time in my life so much better. He and his staff always treated me with respect and genuine concern! I always felt cared for and that he was looking out for me as a person and not just a client. I cannot say enough about the Littman Law office. I would totally recommend their services to anyone who wants a caring attorney!!