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Mark Robert Barr

Mark Barr’s client reviews

     4.5 stars 11 total

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  • Greencard smooth over

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Somehow my brain goes to mush as soon I see legal paperwork. Mark translated this all to us, but mostly told us not to worry, it's not a big deal. He just asked of us what we needed to hand in and made it all in a ready package. Knowing that everything is in order, even though we had nothing in our case to worry about, was just one less thing on our plate while we made the life changing decision to move to an other country.

  • Mark Barr is Good.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lati, California

    Mark was great at winning me the much desired appeal at the Board of Immigration Appeals. I have dealt with four immigration attorneys before I found Mark at Lichter Immigration. Mark changed the general impression that you don't trust any lawyer, even yours. Other attorneys would have gotten a zero/poor on "Trustworthy". I found him online and did all the transactions over the phone because we are in different states and time zones. His research and brief were detailed and "bullet-proof”. Mark proved there are still many attorneys out there who know how to win difficult cases, unlike many others who prey on helpless immigrants and still lose your case. The problem is finding a good one like Mark and Lichter Immigration. They may be pricy but having paid four others who failed me, the victory is worth money. I found Mark too late. Just few weeks to my “deportation” (a.k.a. voluntary departure); otherwise he would have resolved the last problem within 60 days. Due to “congestion” at the board, it took about two years but he never asked for more money. When it felt like the Board may have “lost” my file (most immigrants who have waited two years for a decision know the feeling), Mark, unlike others, would respond to my emails at 3am, even on holidays. I recommend him for anyone. You'll learn a lot just from the initial consultation which I did over the phone. The secret to getting more out of him is send him an email with all the questions you can think of before you call him. 60 minutes go bye pretty fast when you have immigration troubles. Please, don't publish my email address or other names. Thank you.

  • Highly Recommended

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    Mark was knowledgeable and professional in our case. Removed lots of anxiety regarding the application process. My wife and I really had no complaints.

  • Top Notch Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Michelle & Vitaly

    My husband and I went to see Mark Barr for a consultation about our immigration case and knew immediately we wanted him to represent us. We had a very complicated case and were given a short amount time to prepare. Mark and his team did a phenomenal job perparing our case in the amount of time given. Mark was very prompt when responsing to any questions or concerns we had and we were always treated with the utmost respect. We will definitely recommend Mark to family and friends.

  • I-485 denied

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Bhagbat

    Our I-485 applications was denied after 6 years pending period because petitioner's business was closed due to a critical financial lost and some processing errors. However, lawyer Mark Robert Barr and his legal team made very strong legal argument with the USCIS and finally in about three year our all family members received a lawful permanent residence status (Green Card). It was impossible to get the GREEN CARD without their professional legal argument. We were lucky that this legal team accepted our case and accomplished the result that we had been waiting over a decade.

  • Excellent Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Molly

    I would highly recommend using Mark Barr if you are seeking an immigration attorney, for any immigration purposes but especially it's a more complicated case that's in removal proceedings. When you are dealing with immigration law, there are so many gray areas and caveats; it's really important to find an attorney that knows what they are doing. Anyone dealing with immigration court and USCIS knows that every motion, appeal, contact with the court takes months and it can be an extremely frustrating and emotional process. Our case was very complicated and we worked with Mark for about 5 years and we always had the utmost confidence that we were in good hands.
    -Mark was extremely knowledgeable and professional. There were times when we would be waiting outside of the courtroom and other attorneys waiting with their clients would ask him for his opinion (if that tells you anything).
    -Every time we spoke with him he would explain our options to us (and put it to us in terms that an average person could understand, because not everyone speaks legal). He was also sensitive to the fact that we needed to go the most cost effective route, and didn't push us to do anything that was unnecessary or avoidable if it could save us money
    -He took the time before every appointment to explain to us what every possible outcome would be, from best case to worst case scenario. We always felt prepared for each appointment we has with USCIS.
    Again, I would highly recommend using Mark for any immigration needs; he is an attorney you can trust has your best interests and is fully knowledgeable in the law. After going through 5 years’ worth of removal proceedings my husband has his green card and it’s the biggest relief in the world to put it behind us. I feel confident saying we had one of the best attorneys in Denver.

  • “Highly Recommended Immigration Attorney”

    5.0 stars

    Posted by RenMar

    This is the best immigration law firm in my opinion. If you want the best immigration lawyers working on your case, this is the place.
    Mr. Barr is an attorney who is able to resolve immigration cases beyond the scope of many lawyers, and his office have been decisive in helping us successfully resolve very difficult case.
    Mr. Barr was with us every step of the way ensuring that everything was filed correctly and on time and even asking for more in order to have more evidence with which to aid our case.
    It is understandable that some people wish and have the idea that everything shall be resolved quickly, however this is not true and it takes time to go through the entire process.
    We completed our immigration process successfully thanks to Mr. Barr.
    On behalf of many immigrants like me, I’d like to thank you for changing a lot of lives and bringing happiness to our families and especially thank you for all years of hard work.
    Overall I can say that Mr. Barr and his hard working staff were wonderful, supportive, and very dedicated people and I will always strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a best immigration attorney,
    I will never use anyone else !!!

  • Finally found an exceptional immigration attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by David

    After dealing with multiple attorneys who were ineffective, over billed, and uninformed, I was referred to Mark Barr in Denver. An initial meeting followed by very effective strategies and communications lead to a successful immigration. Mr. Barr was very professional, a true expert in the field of immigration, and never over charged for his services. His staff and team kept the process moving forward on-time and on budget. I would highly recommend Mark Barr.

  • No Response

    1.0 star

    Posted by C

    I made contact and received an auto reply unrelated to my issue. When I made a further contact I never did receive a reply.

    Mark Robert Barr’s response: “I'm sorry that happened to you. Did you email me? I don't have any type of auto response set up through my email, so I don't think that could have been it. Did you call my office? Again, I'm sorry, but perhaps you could be more specific about what happened to you-what your original question was, and how you attempted to contact me? Feel free to email me your question at and hopefully this one will get through. Mark”
  • if you need a lawyer that will not jump in your pocket you just found him

    5.0 stars

    Posted by M_ALI_ALEX

    i have been in this site asking questions and what i mostly found is they try to scare you and not answer your questions.. but i was lucky enough to run into Mr. Barr he is very very helpful he answered all my questions straight to the point.. and have not just told me go find a lawyer.. if he was in NY i would have def gave him my case ..
    and reading his profile i felt how sincere he is ..
    Man if you ever come to NY please let me know i am proud there is still human being like
    God Bless