Ms. Lichter is one of the best immigration attorneys in the United States. My husband and I have known her and her team for the past two years.

My husband and I came to the United States about eight years ago to be with our kids and about two years ago, we had an incident, which later on, allowed us to apply for the U visa. We had heard very good comments from different folks in the community about Ms. Lichter, so we decided to make a consultation to see if she'd be able to take the case.

Frankly, our case was extremely challenging. We did not know if we were going to be approved or not, it was more like a 50-50 chance. There was a lot of paper work that had to submit and after 13 months of waiting time to get a decision on the approval, I received a call from one of her staff members notifying me of the great news that our U visa had been approved!!

My husband and I always believed that our U visa was going to be approved because we had an excellent attorney who knew the right steps to take to make our case successful.

Today, thanks to Lichter immigration, I have been able to get my driver's license, received my social security number and am able to finally live freely and find a job anywhere I'd like. I am planning on having Ms. Lichter help me in the next few years with the green card process.

I am and will always be grateful to Ms. Litcher and her whole staff. Without her knowledge and hard work, it wouldn't have been possible to get our U visa approved- she changed our future forever.

It is very hard to find a reliable immigration attorney- especially when putting your future in the hands of someone you don't know . But rest assured , if you choose to work with Laura Lichter, you will not be disappointed. She and her professional staff, will do their best to help you in whatever your need is.


Polo and Leticia