Keith Alan Gantenbein Jr.

Keith Alan Gantenbein Jr.

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Mr. Gantenbein, of Gantenbein Law Firm,  is a nationally-recognized, award-winning attorney, has been featured in national and local news, a frequent speaker in the Colorado community regarding real estate issues, a published author, and has helped with the recent drafting and passing of Colorado legislation helping Colorado homeowners. 


Keith Gantenbein has represented HOAs and major lenders in the mortgage industry while working at the largest HOA firm and the largest foreclosure firm in Colorado. Mr. Gantenbein opened his own firm in 2011, determined to help fix the Colorado foreclosure and banking industry. In addition to an extensive banking and mortgage background, Mr. Gantenbein also has extensive experience in collections, landlord/tenant law, commercial litigation, contracts, real estate, HOA law and bankruptcy law. 


Mr. Gantenbein has expanded his firm, the Gantenbein Law Firm, to include consumer rights' issues, including Real Estate Law, Foreclosure Defense, HOA Defense, Tax Law, Business Law, & Credit Dispute & Repair. Gantenbein Law Firm is now considered to be one of the premier consumer rights' law firms in Colorado.


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