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Joshua Samuel Wohl

About Joshua Wohl

About me

Joshua S. Wohl has practiced as an attorney in Colorado since 2001.  He has focused his practice on family law generally, and more specifically on representing and protecting the interests of children in a myriad of cases.  He has served as a Guardian ad Litem for children in Dependency and Neglect (D&N) cases, as a Child and Family Investigator in Divorce/Post‑Decree cases, and as a Parenting Coordinator/Decision Maker, assisting the parents to improve communication and implement parenting plans.  He has helped reunite families by representing parents in D&N cases, assisted foster parents protect the rights of children in their care, and enabled grandparents to maintain contact with, or adopt, their grandchildren.  And Josh has assisted numerous individuals to minimize the pain and expense, to themselves and their children, that often comes with getting divorced, or battling over custody, child support and maintenance.  Josh has also helped many step-parents, same sex partners and relatives to provide a child a ‘forever home’ through adoption.


In addition to traditional litigation, Josh practices as a Collaborative law attorney, assisting families to shift the focus from ‘what can I get for myself’ to ‘what will be the best resolution for this family.’  Collaborative law is a team approach to dispute resolution that takes place outside the court system, and shifts control of the pace and outcome from the lawyers and judges to the parties.  Josh is a member of the Board of Directors of Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals.  For more information on Collaborative law, please review the ‘Collaborative Practice” section of this website.


Josh is also a trained and practicing mediator, who can mediate disputes at his office or at any location convenient to the parties.  Josh brings his extensive knowledge of family law, and his skills as a mediator and as a collaborative attorney, to assist parties in resolving difficult family disputes.