My 18 year old son had a terrible car accident in 2010. The insurance company told me, in 2012, that his funds were exhausted since 2011 so he was to pay some of the providers he had been attending to (Physical Therapies, Massage Therapies, Chiropractor) and he was going to be given $1300 as compensation. We asked two other law firms and they told us that it was too late because the case was 'old'. When we went to Mr. Werner he not just offered to help, but told us that he was not to charge a dime, unless we got something from the settlement.

Mr. Werner and his staff worked for a full year without asking us for a single penny!!! and after a year of dealings with the insurance companies and providers, he managed to pay EVERY SINGLE BILL that was pending AND my son RECEIVED in the end, 16,000. dlls. in his pocket from the insurance company.!!!

Thank you, Mr. Werner for not giving up on our case as others did, and for helping us even though you didn't know if this was going to "pay you" anything!

I am forever grateful to Mr. Richard Werner, Debbie, Sarah, and all his wonderful staff!