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  1. Subcontractor took money for a job from GC, never did the job, and left with the money what is the GC's first action?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. William Howard Eikenberry
    2. Robert E. Abrams
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    This is theft by any name. It happens to fall under the guise of contracting; however, there is zero performance. Here, the sub took the money and left--THEFT! Normally, under a GC-sub relation, the GC holds the money in trust under C.R.S 38-22-127. Upon breach of this trust the claimant can sue under CRS 18-4-401 as a civil theft, but that may be responded to witha disputed facts. I.e., the sub says, I brought the stone and they didn’t like it; they owe me, says the sub. Here, the sub...

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  2. What are my options to dispute a mechanic's lien that was filed by a subcontractor who was not paid by a contractor I hired?

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Chad William Johnson
    2. Christopher Daniel Leroi
    3. Brett D Chardavoyne
    4. Thomas A Nolan
    5. Robert E. Abrams
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    Pursuant to sec. 38-22-102 CRS, it is an affirmative defense to a mechanic's lien against any workmen, supplier or vendor where the home owner of a single family home, paid to a contractor money for the performance of others, who paid such money to another contractor to pay for labor and materials. Therefore, the mechanic's lien can attach, but it shall have no effect if the homeowner paid money to a contractor, to be paid to others for Owner's work, yet the contractor failed to pay for the...

  3. Hey i was charged with mistdameanor larceny my fine is like $62 on the summons i have court tommorow what can happen?

    Answered over 3 years ago.

    1. V. Iyer
    2. Danyel S. Joffe
    3. Robert E. Abrams
    4. Jorge Luis Rodriguez
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    First, you should learn how to spell. Second, you should stop stealing. Third, you don't start a sentence with "Hey" when speaking to educated professionals; finally, the fine is not "like" $62, it is $62.00. I hope this helps you.