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Kurt Michael Zaner

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Mr. Zaner is a zealous advocate for his clients, drawing on a unique collection of legal and non-traditional experience, all of which benefits his clients. He is the recipient of some of the best legal training in the country, a published author of federal case law and legal articles, and is an experienced stage actor. He has dedicated his legal career to representing folks against the modern day Goliaths.  Whether fighting against the State’s unjust criminal prosecutions or battling corporations that refuse to take responsibility, Mr. Zaner enjoys the challenge of standing up for people that seemingly have the odds overwhelmingly stacked against them.


Mr. Zaner has spent his career honing his craft as a trial lawyer in order to even the playing field for his clients.  After graduating law school near the top of his class, Mr. Zaner went on to clerk for United States District Judge Ken Marra. Working side by side with a Federal Judge on one of the largest caseloads in the country, Mr. Zaner learned the art of persuasive advocacy both through legal writing and courtroom theatrics.  Most importantly, he learned how cases are won from behind the bench.


Prior to co-founding Zaner Harden Law, Mr. Zaner practiced with some of the best known trial lawyers in the country. In Florida, Mr. Zaner worked on the most complex of cases that resulted in a multi-billion dollar settlement; he also crafted federal case law that permitted workers around the country to collect wages from corporations that had been wrongly denying them.  In Colorado, Mr. Zaner has successfully represented hundreds of clients across the State of Colorado, trying cases at every level of Colorado State Court.  In earning victories for his criminal clients in the form of acquittals at trial, dismissals before trial, and dismissals from appellate courts, and for his civil clients in the form of the compensation they deserve, Mr. Zaner takes great pride in helping those that entrust their most significant legal problems to his law firm.


When not practicing law, Mr. Zaner spends much of his time with his fiancée outdoors in the mountains or on the stage in a local theater production.