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Todd C. Burnham

Todd Burnham’s client reviews

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  • The BEST, without question!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Heidi

    Hired Attorney

    I knew Todd was the attorney I wanted from the moment I spoke with him on the phone for the first time. In our brief conversation, he understood what I needed and what he was going to be dealing with in my ex-husband and his attorney. After our first meeting in person along with Andrew, it was a done deal. Todd is very laid back yet brilliant at what he does. Todd's strategic approach, reassurance, and re-evaluation during each step and hurdle is second to none. He and Andrew know the law and strategically used it throughout the case. Based on my situation, Todd promised me the best outcome for my son and I, and he delivered exactly what he promised! He's not the cheapest attorney out there, but he's well worth it. He doesn't charge for every little thing, quick updates, emails and does his best to be cost effective. Todd, Andrew, Lisa and his associates are hands down the BEST at what they do! I'm truly grateful for all he has done for me and family!

  • Todd and Jen: Power Duo

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired Attorney

    What can I say about Todd Burnham?... He knows the law, Don't f***k up his case, and oh yeah, he got me EVERYTHING!

    In the first minute of meeting Todd I knew he was my attorney. He "got it". A master of strategy, I could always see the cogs turning in his head. This isn't to say I never had my doubts. Divorce is a roller-coaster, (mine lasting a year), and Todd and I certainly knocked heads in the process; but we both hung on, worked on our communication, and in the end I couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

    Can I just say Jennifer Scott is amazing! She is the perfect compliment to Todd, the "glue" that held us together. Where Todd may falter (nobody's perfect), Jennifer excels. Know that if you hire Todd, you're not just getting Todd, but a team. I am so fortunate to have gotten the Todd and Jennifer duo, because c'mon, we know who did all the work ;).

    Thank you Todd! Thank you Jennifer! I don't know where I'd be without you... probably not in SA.

  • Exceptional Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Chase

    Mr. Burnham assisted me with a child custody case in which my daughter was exposed to domestic disputes, a lack of education, and no income or support. Her mother had disappeared without providing an address or telephone number. Todd kept me well-informed with timely responses to my questions and was flexible with his schedule to take the time to sit down with me and discuss in further detail. I get to read my daughter a bedtime story and tuck her in every night thanks to his assistance, and I am forever grateful. Not only this, but my financial situation was not as it was expected to be, he was understanding and willing to provide a solution/agreement to this matter as well.

  • A True Closer - Enter Sandman!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    High Asset Long Term Marriage - Wife's outrageous spending over the year prior tripled our average expense budget - she wanted the assets (many) we saved for plus a manipulated/fabricated lifestyle analysis always told me that the great lawyers are the ones who know their case, inside and out, and his case knowledge clearly showed early and often. Her entire case was claiming fraud and cross examining me about spending, while Todd hit the statutory factors while pleasantly cross-examining my wife whose basic response was always it was my fault, or lawyer #1 or lawyer #2 The judge literally at the last possible moment required Todd and Trina to produce an accounting/tracing of funds that spanned nearly 20 years...on the fly. This was never at issue at the hearing, but the new opposing counsel wanted it. Their calm teamwork and overall knowledge was perfectly balanced by their laser focus as the data was found...and it mirrored our theme of the case, No order yet, but I witnessed a very smooth and effective team of Todd and Trina (his paralegal) and I received 50/50 for both decision-making and parenting time...this with a temporary protection order in place for nearly one year based on lies. We spent so much time preparing for our impeachment only for my wife to, after 11 months and 20 days, decide that the PPO wasn't needed and it was immediately dismissed! Amazing still the amount of waste and costs related to preparation. With Income, I watched Todd reinforce our positions through discrediting theirs as if we were at an amusement park dart with balloons game. Dart #1 - pop, Dart #2 - pop, and so on. Todd repeated for weeks leading up to hearing that the case was about income and lifestyle, and they spent their time asking how bills could have been paid with such a lower income. The answer was known by Todd and Trina because they knew the case...they mastered the case facts...and smoke and mirrors always loses to the truth provided you hired lawyers who are strategic, skilled, study the case and knowledgeable. I've been on the other side when I used a cheaper lawyer. This case cost me over 100K over one year. Another lesser lawyer could have saved me $80,000, but Todd and his firm were worth it and more, Just the confidence alone is worth that money!

    Todd doesn't bill his time much throughout the case. Other exceptional associates handled a lot, then it came to Trina to start the hearing preparations working hand in hand with me. Then, when Todd starting his final preparation it was literally watching and listening to "Enter Sandman" from Yankees games as the closer, Mariano Rivera, walked to the mound.

    Todd is a CLOSER. He is what everyone needs if it's a big case with a lot at stake with children and/or money. Todd ends cases, I am a believer.

  • Excellent lawyer! Better person!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Todd has represented me in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a nasty child custody battle, and a criminal allegation that was made as leverage in the child custody battle. Todd has never disappointed and has always had my best interest in mind, even when I was too emotional to do it for myself!

    Prior to finding Todd, I used a different attorney for a divorce proceeding. The entire experience was absolutely terrible and I had almost given up. Todd was recommended to me by another lawyer and was advertised as the best around. This says a lot about the type of lawyer Todd is and how respected he is among his peers! After my experience, I would have to agree that Todd is the best around. I would absolutely recommend Todd Burnham to anybody looking for a great attorney!

  • Last minute hire after 2 previous lawyers - and he was better than advertised

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tim

    I went through two other attorneys before finally actually taking the time to research attorneys. I read Todd's reviews, met him in person, and I canceled the three other appointments I made after him. And he tried to urge me to interview others so I didn't have any doubts. I didn't have time, but I appreciated his obvious commitment to the case and not selling me.

    Bottom line without getting too personal - he exceeded my expectations and in short time turned the case around and saved SO MUCH pain and heartache regarding my children. Meet him once and you will see that he is no B.S. He does what he says he will do, doesn't charge like nickel and diming lawyers do, and had he and a younger, skilled associate on the case with him and I didn't see much billing at all from him...he managed and strategized the case.

    The take away: Todd gets it on the personal, emotional, financial and business angles of a divorce. And he clearly trained the one associate because she thought just like him and was simply excellent. I spent so much money losing before him it still makes me sick. But he billed fairly and efficiently and, bottom line, I'm writing a review after the results came in...he saved my future with my children and I gave him no time to prep or strategize...he took my awfully-positioned case and turned it around.

    Todd is special. That's all I can say. His whole approach matches who he clearly is. He isn't a FATHER'S RIGHTS lawyer or whatever those firms market. He is an amazing lawyer and children-first strategist. Thank you Todd. Thank you.

  • Almost speechless!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    Almost speechless! Todd Burnham and his team are Amazing! I came to Todd who was highly recommended by a friend. My daughter was under a Temporary Protection Order and Todd was quick to act, fighting for her safety. Todd successfully secured restricted parenting time. The commitment and dedication given to my case was outstanding and relentless.

    I had a couple of different attorneys prior to coming to Todd and I was very frustrated with their advice and lack of action regarding my situation. They continued to tell me “I did not have enough” to take to a judge while things continued to get worse for my daughter, whose safety was compromised.

    Todd did something I had been told was impossible and he did it quickly.

    If you have a child safety issue, family or divorce situation, I strongly suggest consulting with the Burnham Law Office.

  • Absolutely THE BEST!!!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    Facing a complicated legal custody issue with a spiteful and dishonest ex (who’d hired someone just as malevolent) had left me feeling alone and fearful. My feelings of helplessness quickly dissipated when I was greeted by the friendly and compassionate kind smile of Erin at the Burnham Law Office in Erie, Colorado. She sincerely assured me that Burnham Law would do everything they could to achieve the best possible results for me and my children.
    Todd Burnham can be very intimidating (kind of like a bulldog/pit bull mix). His attitude is aggressive, critical and decisive. To be perfectly honest, this was why I’d wanted to hire him in the first place. I needed someone who wasn’t going to back down from my ex’s hostile and deceitful counsel. However, I also wanted someone who cared about what I was fighting for. It was about this time that I looked up and noticed the photos of Todd’s beautiful family (his number one priority, as well as mine) and realized that I’d found the right attorney. Todd is the perfect mix of bold relentlessness and kind compassion. I knew immediately that he would use his no-nonsense approach to be a fierce advocate and fight for the best interests of my children.
    Todd then introduced me to his calm, cool and level headed associate Gavin (who by the way looks like Lady Sif from Thor and is just as beautiful and courageous). They were both upfront and honest and didn’t sugar coat anything. When I left their office that day, I was well informed, had a good estimate of what my case would cost, and was very confident that I’d made the right choice in hiring the Burnham Law firm.
    I hadn’t realized at the time that I was actually hiring a team of experts. Erin is amazing and handled all my administrative issues expertly (and even gave me a few hugs). Gavin is consistently responsive, straight-forward and knowledgeable. Todd leads the firm with his sincere “I’m in your corner” approach, and expert opinion and advice.
    Also included in Burnham Law’s team are the associates whom Todd recommends. Due to the complications with my case and the overwhelming stress and pressure on my children, Todd recommended a child therapist who was wonderful and helped the kids tremendously. I whole-heartedly trust anyone that Todd endorses.
    Having standards of conduct and professionalism that are above reproach, personal integrity, compassion and kindness are not usually words used to describe attorneys, however, they are accurate when referring to the Burnham Law firm.
    I would compel any potential client to contact Burnham Law as soon as possible if they are facing any type of family law challenge, or any other legal challenge for that matter. They recognize that every client is unique, and they specifically tailor a legal strategy to fit your needs, making you believe that your case is their most important.
    Todd and Gavin were able to ignore the trivial threats of an antagonistic opponent and responded with tact and diplomacy. They ultimately reached an agreement through negotiation and settled my case out of court. However, had that not happened, I am confident that Burnham Law had the capability and the litigation experience necessary to take the case in front of the judge---and win. Instead, Todd honored his strong commitment to being practical, sensible and economically prudent when it came to reaching a deal (that was very much in our favor) out of court.
    You deserve the best and the team at Burnham Law is the finest legal representation available in Colorado. I recommend their firm with total confidence. You can be assured knowing that they will do everything they can to achieve the best possible results.
    My children are safe, emotionally healthy and happy now because I chose the Burnham Law firm. We cannot thank Todd, Gavin and Erin enough.

  • Quite Possibly The Best

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Barb

    I interviewed 4 other Denver attorneys before speaking with Todd on the phone and knew he was the right choice after 5 minutes. At stake was a multi-million dollar estate. Todd chose the right experts, managed his plan of action perfectly, and I ended up with long term maintenance AND greater than 50% of the marital estate. This was my first and only divorce after a long marriage. I haven't hired other divorce attorneys before but Todd was everything and more I thought I hired.

  • Burnham Law Receives our Highest Praise

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Chapter 7 client

    Life happens. It’s those unexpected things that catch you off guard! You often feel like you have properly planned for those possibilities that may happen to you on a personal level. But, in reality, we usually convince ourselves that these events happen to others and somehow we are exempt. Not true.
    Well, it did happen to us! Major medical issues began to catch up with us financially and we were starting to feel the pressure of trying to keep our heads above water. We needed some guidance, but to whom do we turn for advice? Fortunately, we did have a place to turn to in this time of anxiety and uncertainty. It is called the “Employee Assistance Program”. This happens to be one of the benefits offered by our employer for the type of situation we now found ourselves confronted with.
    We were referred to the Burnham Law Office in Erie, Colorado. We were put in touch with Todd Burnham for a phone consultation. After an explanation of our situation, Todd broke the news that in his professional opinion, we would more than likely be a candidate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. First, he would need to review our current financial information before proceeding with that course of action. We were mortified of agreeing to such an action! This was totally against our beliefs and values! We prided ourselves in never missing any type of payment or obligation in 37 years of marriage. This suggestion was not what we wanted to hear! No amount of convincing us otherwise seemed to break up the stigma or barrier we had established in our minds to file for bankruptcy!
    Sensing our disparity, Todd suggested that we take a little more time to reassess our situation and let reality sink in. Furthermore, he invited us to meet in person before drawing any conclusions. Through a face to face discussion, he was attempting to put us more at ease and relieve some of the anxiety we were experiencing. We reluctantly agreed.
    We arrived at the office for our appointment and was heartily greeted by a smiling and comforting face belonging to Erin Bajcar, Todd’s legal assistant. Erin is certainly a people person and a perfect match for her position. That first impression of her greeting had such an impact on how we perceived their business and we hadn’t even met Todd in person yet!
    In our personal meeting, Todd reviewed our financial information and laid out a course of action that would allow for a “fresh start”. He encouraged us to take out as much emotion in our thought process and treat it like a business decision. With Todd’s patience, our confidence in his judgment began to prevail. Moving forward, we realized the decisions were in the best interest of our financial future.
    As we continued through the process in the days ahead, Erin made sure that everything was done in a timely manner. She patiently answered questions and made sure we were informed clients. We are eternally grateful that we were led to this office and the compassion and respect in which we were treated. The staff at Burnham Law receive our highest praise and recommendation, hands down!
    If you ever find yourself in such a situation as we did, and are not sure as to which direction to go, let your common sense take over and seek professional advice and assistance from a reliable source that is far removed from your situation. A solution will present itself and level heads will prevail. Your future depends on it!
    A truly grateful Burnham Law client!