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Emily Therese Roberts

About Emily Roberts

About me

I am a graduate of the Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah and of the University of Denver College of Law. My practice focuses on all aspects of family law, including pre-divorce legal counseling, complex divorce litigation, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, preservation of financial assets, negotiation of child custody arrangements, child support, maintenance, and protection of parental rights.  I help women and men going through divorce navigate the process as smoothly as possible, working to minimize the impact of this difficult family time on the children involved. My experience includes case evaluations and legal counseling for parties considering divorce, as well as representing – in negotiations and trial – men and women in divorce disputes. Further, I help my clients negotiate child custody and support arrangements, as well as spousal maintenance. I also help my clients with alternative resolution of marriages, the protection and preservation of financial assets and the modification of prior orders related to maintenance, child support and child custody

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