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Daniel Nelson Deasy

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by BB

    Incredible Attorney!

    In 2013, I found Dan (and Laura) to help with my divorce case. The representation was unbelievable! Dan was an extraordinarily hard worker and never left me wondering what was gong on with my case. He worked tirelessly to try and settle the case and when that didn't work, Dan proceeded to absolutely annihilate the other attorney at court (who had been a bully since day one). No one enjoys going through a divorce, but if you have to do it, I cannot imagine a better place for your case to be handled.

    Daniel Nelson Deasy’s response: “Thank you my friend . . . you had a great deal to do with the outcome you received!”
  • 1.0 star

    Posted by David Gold

    Go to a different attorney. Ready below for my long list of issues...

    Here is the multitude of issues I had with this attorney and firm...

    Double-billing error on my original visit. Not a huge deal except multiple emails to the firm staff over nearly two months with zero response to my emails.

    When my updated disclosure docs were submitted I asked to be emailed me to let me know once they had been filed and never received any such email confirmation. Given the particular issues around my case, it was especially critical they got filed in a timely way and I wanted the peace of mind to know that had been done.

    My ex-wife had served me with discovery shortly before I engaged the firm. A key issue was the timing around when I need to respond and the deadline for me to file my discovery on her if it came to that. Firm staff couldn't give me a clear answer around those deadlines and even gave me one answer only to subsequently call me back later and change it.

    Called in at one point with a time sensitive issue and was told I would get a call back either from Dan or, if he couldn't talk briefly by phone that day, then by your staff to set up a time for the next day. Never got a call from anyone.

    A time was set for a meeting with Mr. Deasy by the receptionist that she said she thought would work and that she would call me if for some reason it would not. I called on my way to that meeting and she told me that she forgot to call to tell me he couldn't meet with me.

    On top of this, after telling me he couldn't meet me, I asked her if she could provide me some options for a reschedule of the meeting on another day and she said she could not. I asked her why not and she said she needed to speak with him before scheduling anything. I asked her to please obtain several dates/times in the future that would work for a 30 minute meeting (my schedule is very busy as well) and she said she "would try" and see if she can "squeeze me in between other appointments". Needless to say I was even more frustrated as I felt like I was asking for a favor just to get a darn meeting with my attorney. Guess what... I, again, never got a call back.

    My email terminating my relationship with the firm and asking the simple question of how long I should anticipate for my retainer refund which goes unanswered and which I had to follow up on more than once to simply get an acknowledgement of receipt.

  • 1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    Expensive representation with no results

    Representation was sometimes misleading and not well informed.
    We were clients of Mr. Deasy for 2 years and we found ourself repeating old information more than once. Unfortunately Mr. Deasy's office will do as they fit, regardless on how many times you request something it may not get done. You will still be charged by the time you met to request and discuss the course of action with no final results. Our family is extremely disappointed by his representation and the huge expense in result.

    Daniel Nelson Deasy’s response: “It is difficult to proctor comments from people that post information with no identifying information. This is a fallacious posting and lacks any sort of specificity. When the writer says "our family" is extremely disappointed, that ought to say something. I don't represent families in divorce cases. I represent individuals with needs and attain really positive results for the vast majority.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by EA

    Top Notch!

    Both Dan and Laura have represented me over the last 6 years. They have both proven to be brilliant and powerful attorneys, while at the same time showing compassion and genuine concern for my situation. Through my divorce and as a mother fighting for her child, I was extremely anxious. They showed me that they had things so much under control that I was able to trust and relax.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Laura

    Extremely Satisfied

    My entire experience with Mr. Deasy and his office has been amazing. Since my consultation I have felt completely confident that I could not have hired a better attorney. I was continually kept informed of everything involving my case, was prepared for my trial exceptionally well and very satisfied with the results. Mr. Deasy is an amazing attorney that is very knowledgeable and his courtroom demeanor is unsurpassed. He put me at ease with the situation even in the most stressful moments.
    His staff and fellow attorneys were exceptional as well, every communication I have had with them was handled professionally and promptly.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dave


    I began working with Dan more than three years ago in a very, very contentious custody battle. I have to say that, without a doubt, he is the finest courtroom attorney I have ever seen -- and I have worked with several. Watching him fight for my girls was unvelievable. For anyone who asks about my experience and needs help, I just say, "you have to hire Dan Deasy." Dan just gets it. I can't imagine ever looking elsewhere for help in a custody case.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by KB

    Dan was amazing!

    I hired Dan when I needed help after my father's death. Dan pursued a wrongdul death claim on my behalf and made sure that my sister and I received the best recovery possible. Dan met with us many times to explain the status of our case and held us together through such a difficult time. I have no idea what we would have done without him. I have already sent a couple of friends his way and will never recommend anyone else!