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Posted by: a Family client 22 days ago.

Overall rating
Kept me informed

I do not recommend April Jones

I hired April 6-12 months ago.

April handled my Family matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

April withdrew from my case 2 months prior to the court date. Her reason? A fee-dispute. I was on a payment plan and could only pay a fixed amount each month, yet she decided she wanted a full retainer $3500 and I was not able to pay that so she withdrew. She was always paid and I owed her no money. In fact, over a 9 month period I spent close to $10000 with her. By withdrawing, she left me high and dry only 2 months in advance of my court date.

Professional, Experienced, Agressive, Direct, and Caring

Posted by: Travis, a Child Custody client almost 2 years ago.

Overall rating

I recommend April Jones

I hired April 1-3 years ago.

April handled my Child Custody matter.

I have previously worked with 3-5 lawyers.

Ms. Jones is very thorough in her process, which produces results. She took the time to understand my situation, and address the concerns I had about my scenario and court proceedings. She is direct, and professional, yet manages to bring a sense of calm to an otherwise un-nerving situation. She is also registered with the BAR association in two states (California and Colorado), which happened to be perfect for my case/situation. Anyone who is facing something with civil and family court, I would highly recommend her to you, as she will not beat around the bush like many attorneys do. Instead, she gives direct information, and gives a plan of attack that has achievable and measurable results. With her help, I was able to get a fair share of time with my daughter, despite the CO state standards of a child custody for children under the age of two. I am now able to be the engaged father that I always wanted to be with my daughter. I owe so much gratitude to April and her associates and staff. Thank you, April, Kevin, and Hannah!