Through dealing with Pearman Law I learned a very valuable lesson. Upon our initial meeting with Sean Pearman we were told that there was a $1500.00 retainer fee, I acknowledged the fee and asked for an estimate of services, as any wise person would do. I was estimated a price of about $1500 not including service and interview costs. We were billed over $3700, yet the attorney insists that I was confused about the difference between a retainer and an estimate of cost! I have a complete understanding of the difference between a retainer and an estimate of cost. We had to take time off of work 3 times to fix the mistakes made on the part of this firm. We had to call on multiple times to clarify incorrect information. A few days before the trial we received a notice of hearing that indicated we were to go to the Jeffco courthouse, this being a Denver County matter we called to verify and were told to be at the Jeffco courthouse. Upon arrival (with an elderly grandmother) at this courthouse we were informed that it was a Denver courthouse case. After calling the firm multiple times we were only answered by a recording machine, it baffles me that a law firm with court cases in court that day would not be available to take our call. Upon my calling this office regarding billing issues I was told I would receive a detailed bill which never happened. After contacting this office 12 times since my trial date regarding questionable billing I filed a complaint to the BBB and received a letter in response stating that I had made no effort to any discussion of these charges. In fact I spoke with the attorney on multiple occasions in which he stated that he would send detailed billings which never happened. Instead I received apology after apology and excuse after excuse. Extremely unprofessional! Seek services elsewhere!