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  • TERRIBLE avoid

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    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I was charged with an evading arrest charge 6 years ago. Mr. Johnson told me 4500 and it would be 6 months probation with pretrial diversion. I was arrested for the crime he then said he wanted 5000 not 4500. I was arrested on a Thursday and he was paid the following Monday. I had already given him 2500 and asked to see him Friday. He never responded. My family contacted him informing him that I needed to see him, he never responded. I was in jail for 3 weeks before he came and spoke to me. He told me that it was going to be a State Felony and 3 years probation. I told him I did not like that, and he said that it was either that or I would do 2 years in prison. I returned to my cell as he was suppose to go talk to the DA about the issue. People in my cell block informed me that if that is what he is saying, I should take it because he is friends with the DA and its either that or I will be screwed. I ended up taking the deal. I have no priors and I was honorably discharged from the military AFTER receiving my arrest for evading arrest in June 2006. I have never had any issues with law enforcement nor been arrested. He will not come see you unless its convenient for him. I would and should have gone with a public defender cause this guy is a joke of a lawyer. Currently I am pursuing action with the Texas bar against him for his practice.