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Draper Tobias Rodriguez

Draper Rodriguez’s Legal Guides

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  • Post Injury Drug Testing and Texas Workers' Compensation

    I have represented a number of clients who submitted to drug and alcohol testing after a work-related injury simply because they thought "they had to." While failing to submit to a drug test after a work-related injury may impact your employment with your current employer, it has...

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  • In Texas is it Workers' Compensation or Something Else

    One of the most important things to keep in mind in Texas when discussing injuries which arise out of work duties, is the fact that not every work-related injury may be covered by a policy of Texas Workers' Compensation. That does and should sound strange to most every injured wo...

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  • Temporary Income Benefits

    This guide endeavors to provide basic information regarding disability in a Texas Workers' Compensation claim as well as Temporary Income Benefits and when they may be payable. Average Weekly Wage To

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