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Kevin Rindler Madison

About Kevin Madison

About me

Unlike most attorneys who represent victims of sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment and car accidents in Texas, Mr. Madison has a unique law enforcement and prosecutor background. Mr. Madison has the background, training, and experience of having served as a police officer, Chief of Police, Deputy Sheriff, and as an Assistant District Attorney. He has firsthand knowledge of street crimes and criminals and the mental and physical injuries that criminal predators inflict on their victims. Mr. Madison continues to serve his community as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT.

My law practice concentrates in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, victims of violent crimes, victims of sexual assault, victims of sexual exploitation, and cases involving inadequate security on private property, such as physical assaults, sexual assaults, and homicides occurring at convenience stores, apartment complexes, shopping malls, parking garages, and at night clubs. These cases include victims of physical assault, sexual assault, false arrest, and/or, false imprisonment by private security personnel. I also represent victims of serious sexual harassment by employers involving lewd conduct, and/or, improper touching.

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