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William Bradford Mange

About William Mange

About me

I have wanted to be a trial lawyer since I was 6 years old.  At that age, I read a short story called "The Devil and Daniel Webster."  Long story short: after reading it, I knew that being a lawyer could be something heroic, that I could help people who desperately needed help. 


After graduating from law school, I worked as a briefing attorney for United States District Judge Robert W. Porter. 


After completing my term with Judge Porter, I started working at the Austin law firm of Clark, Thomas & Winters.  I handled white collar (RICO) cases, insurance cases, and commercial matters.


My thirst for trials would only be quenched, though, once I started working for the Travis County District Attorney's Office.  I worked in these units: juvenile prosecution, trial court (assigned at various times to the 167th, 299th, and 390th District Courts), grand jury, child abuse prosecution, and the special prosecution (white collar crime) unit.   I was made the first "court chief" of the 390th District Court.


Now I continue representing clients in my criminal defense practice.  I love it.  It allows me to continue helping people, defending the accused both in trial and in negotiations, whichever is more appropriate for my client. 

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