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Leonard B. Gabbay

About Leonard Gabbay

About me

I love practicing personal injury law, and I am good at it. My focus is my ability to tell your story. This is what we're good at.

I teach other plaintiff lawyers in Texas how to present their clients' damages in the most effective way. I tend to look at cases visually and get to know each of my clients and their families in order to understand what the collision or the injury has done to their world. Often the contrast between pre-collision and post-collision is dramatic. If I can show that contrast, then the insurance companies realize that the case is quite real, and they realize that they now have an opportunity to help you. If they balk at that opportunity to help, then we give that opportunity to a jury.  

The effectiveness of how we tell your story is what will make a jury empathize with what has happened to you; juries will help when they understand the harms you have suffered. 

If you have been the victim of a drunk or reckless driver, if you have been hit by someone who was not looking out for your motorcycle, if you have been t-boned by someone not paying attention to the traffic light because a text was more important than your safety, I can and I will help you. 

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