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Garrett Clarkson Higley

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Keith

    Hired Attorney

    Why I'm sending my clients to Garrett

    I recently had an opportunity to work side by side with Garrett Higley and his staff on a divorce case. He was professional and friendly, but stern when the client needed to hear the tough news. He worked diligently to get the client what she deserved and a bit of what she wanted. I will definitely send more of my clients to Garrett in the future.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Jesse

    Highly recommended

    Having hastily signed a divorce agreement that placed me in dire financial hardship and drastically limited my ability to see my daughter, I signed-on with Garrett to have said agreement modified. From the moment of the initial consultation I knew he was a consummate, resourceful professional; an attorney who not only had my best interests in mind, but genuinely cared about getting me reunited with my daughter.
    Divorce modifications are rarely an easy undertaking, and this one proved no different. For starters, the original divorce agreement was little more than a “cut and paste” job that was quickly hacked-together by a cut-rate attorney in my ex-wife’s employ. As my ex-wife is known to be a bit eclectic, she has a unique definition of what the word “fair” means; in this case, “fair” meant that I was saddled with an extensive spousal support payment on top of child support, while she retained sole custody of my daughter. (The marriage had lasted barely lasted two years, during which I was the sole provider, and there was no history of abuse.) While this life-time spousal maintenance afforded my ex-wife the opportunity to remain unemployed while reaping a steady income, it placed me in considerable financial hardship while disconnecting me from my daughter even further. I was in quite the mess.
    Garrett tackled what I thought was a hopeless situation head on. He turned his analytical attention to detail to the original divorce agreement, and told me point-blank what needed to be changed from the ground up. Our initial offers were met with resistance from my ex-wife’s camp; she wasn’t too keen on relinquishing the lifestyle that my labors had provided her. The back and forth went on for quite some time, but during these grueling exchanges Garrett never lost focus. Various approaches were utilized; everything from mediation to consulting third party attorneys who specialized in specific aspects of my case. His tenacity and expertise were invaluable, and he made himself available any time that I had a question or concern that needed to be addressed. (Important when conducting a divorce modification in Texas while residing in Virginia.)
    Eventually, my ex-wife and I came to an agreement that was fair, and had the best interests of our daughter at the fore. The wrongs of the original divorce agreement were righted; the alimony was abolished, the child support is now a more reasonable amount that still adequately provides for my little girl’s well-being, and joint custody has been granted. Most importantly, my daughter and I now enjoy a renewed connection and are able to see each other regularly. The void in my life has been filled.
    I’m not ashamed of sounding dramatic when I say that Garrett Higley gave me my life back. I would recommend him without a second of hesitation to anyone in the state of Texas who needs a family lawyer who is serious about aggressive representation while keeping family values firmly in the picture.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Elena

    Trustworthy & Caring

    Garrett has been a true blessing to my family. Just as my kids and I were facing a very challenging part of our life, Garrett came in as a Volunteer Legal Service attorney to represent my family. Garrett and his staff worked willingly and diligently day after day to ensure our future. There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for all he has done. I would definitely refer Garrett to anyone in need of exceptional representation.