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Matthew John Hill

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During his career Mr. Hill has been responsible for litigating matters in both state and federal courts on behalf of numerous clients. This includes spending over two and one half years very early in his career defending and litigating an alleged $20 million lawsuit in federal court which was ultimately resolved in his client’s favor. Having survived that “trial by fire,” he applies the experience he gained in the firm’s litigation practice whether a matter involves general or complex disputes, or appealing an adverse decision to the appropriate court. Mr. Hill has a unique ability to think outside the box, asserting novel legal theories and arguments, and his approach has proven itself time and again to benefit his clients.

Mr. Hill is a litigation attorney with a practice specifically focused on family and divorce law and criminal defense. He also maintains a selective civil litigation practice. Mr. Hill has experience in all phases of litigation and trial, ranging from the simple drafting of documents to arguing cases before courts and juries. He has experience as a trial attorney, has appeared and argued countless hearings, taken and defended numerous depositions, formal and informal mediations, and his most recent jury trial was in March 2012. Mr. Hill does not like watching from the sidelines, he much prefers being in the game.

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