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Stephen Bradley Hesse Jr.

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  • Life saving attorney for my child

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Hired attorney

    My sighted had dealt with being bullied and when she had enough she stood up for another child that was being bullied and we found ourselves in trouble when she shoved the other child and her family filed assault charges on my daughter in the 8th grade. I was so furious as my daughter was a straight A honor roll student and felt she had stood up to this person and had done the right thing. I was referred to Mr Hesse as one of the best law firm in Williamson County for handling child cases. From the moment my daughter and I entered there office I could tell they were different. He talked me off the ledge of anger and tears. He made sure my daughter knew he was her attorney and that he would do whatever to help her. All she could do was cry and think her life was over. The way Steve ha led my daughter was amazing and beyond what I ever expected. When my daughter thought she couldn't handle another minute of the stress Steve was there assuring her that she was a great kid and he would be there for her every step of the way. He was so helpful when I just wants to scream and throw a fit at the injustice of it all. He made me realize I needed to take the emotion out of it and just help my daughter and was there every second we needed him. What could have turned out so horrible turned out to be a positive experience in the end for my daughter because of everything he did to reassure her that she was a good kid and just got caught up in somethin stupid and that sometimes adults just don't make the best decisions. My daughter has always wanted to be a lawyer and I believe she will always remember how Steve treated her as a person not a juvenile and respected her and was there to reassure her. She will be a better criminal attorney because of her experience with Steve and the way he guided her and treated her. I cannot thank him enough. He was absolutely amazing in our time of need.

  • Stephen Hesse and Shawn Dick are Good and Ethical Men

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Brent

    This was my second time in seeking Mr Hesse's counsel. The first time was a possession charge; but, this time, I was feeling vindictive about a personal experience and was looking for retribution. The two of them set with me for almost an hour and explained that my resources would best be spent on counseling that would enable me to cope with my need for reprisal. At the time, my emotions were so raw that I would have mortgaged my home for a sense of satisfaction.

    It was embarrassing, but they were compassionate and never did waiver in their stance that what they were advocating was in my best interest, whether I agreed or not. Sometimes, you need someone to save you from yourself when your emotions are clouding your judgement and that is what happened today.

    Thanks guys. I am in your debt, especially since the consultation was free.


  • I thought my life was ruined

    5.0 stars

    Posted by william

    I hired Steve to represent me on a possession charge that would have ruined my professional license, leaving me unemployed. Steve had a very creative solution that I had never been able to find mention of in my many hours of researching the penalties for my charge.

    Mr Hesse (I know you told me to call you Steve) I'll never be able to thank you enough.

  • Thought he was a good guy!

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    Mr. Hesse gave the appearance of being my attorney, but behind the curtain he was fulfilling the wishes of my soon to be ex husband. I did not believe this until my final court appearance when my ex and he make eye contact and smiled....I paid him for my defense! What a fake!!!!!

    Stephen Bradley Hesse Jr.’s response: “I always do my best for my clients no matter what their problems are or how serious the crime they stand accused of. Folks in need of criminal defense are sometimes at a low point in their lives, they may be struggling with substance abuse or serious mental health issues. In this case, my client was charged with Arson, a Second Degree Felony (2-20 years in prison), for burning down her house during a suicide attempt. I was able to get the charge reduced to a misdemeanor deferred adjudication( a type of community supervision). My client had the choice whether to accept the misdemeanor plea deal or to go to trial on the Arson charge. Ultimately, she chose to accept the misdemeanor plea offer. This was a great result under the circumstances. On the day of her misdemeanor plea, she was accompanied by her family members. They were all very pleased with my representation and the result we were able to obtain. I do not know what has changed over the last year for her to decide to write a negative review about my representation. I did not antagonize her ex-husband in court because it would not have been in her best interest. He was considered the Victim by the district attorney's office and they have become very deferential to victims. I'm sorry she doesn't feel that I was loyal to her. I can assure anyone reading this that I devoted myself completely to her best interests. I had zero concern for her ex-husband.”
  • Professional and Patient!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a DUI & DWI client

    I had gotten a DWI and lets just say it was a horrible experience. I am a school teacher and was so scared. I read online that The Dick Law firm had a lot of good reviews so I decided to check it out. Stephen walked me though the process step by step very throughly and explained all my options. I never felt rushed and if I had a question that needed an answer I had heard from him within less than 12 hours. There are other cheaper options out there for DWI lawyers but you will get what you paid for. Not all situations were the same but he was also able to get me out of my license suspension! Something that normally doesn't happen. I would highly recommend him.

  • IFFY

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I hired Hesse to defend me in a criminal case that he knew was trumped up. But in our discussions of what his fee would be, he started using language that indicated that he wasn't going to represent me according to the defense strategy that I wanted---CONSISTENT EXPRESSIONS OF INNOCENCE. I gave him the retainer under the caveat that it was only if I couldn't find another attorney before the next hearing. I did find another attorney, and I have asked him several times to return my money, and he has not. He already had a retainer from me that he was working from (he took and received a few phone calls on my behalf), and the only paperwork he ever had to work on for me was to file a notice of appearance. [BTW, Terry Davis Sr. worked to get it DISMISSED within days after I hired him.] I changed my "no" recommend to "yes" because he did seem personable and competent and so he might be a good fit for someone else with a different situation.

  • The Best Of The Best: An Outstanding Attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Second Offense

    Hiring Steve was one of the best decisions of my life. When I unexpectedly found myself in serious legal trouble, I was overwhelmed, terrified, lost and beyond fearful for my future. Steve was referred to me by a trusted long-time friend impressed with Steve's character and integrity. Her referral was spot-on. I can't say enough good and positive things about Steve's professionalism, exceptional legal expertise, client dedication and his kind and caring nature and personality. Steve is an extremely skilled and highly specialized attorney. At our first meeting, Steve met with me for over two hours with honesty, compassion and understanding. He was forthright with me in his vision and guidance in my case from the very beginning to conclusion. Steve routinely informed me about the progress of my case. He always returned my phone calls and e-mails immediately (no matter the hour, day or night). When I had questions, Steve always answered them in a through, professional, comprehensive, compassionate, and honest manner. Steve is honesty, integrity and professionalism personified. He provided guidance and positivity at every turn of my me great comfort along the journey and helping me to understand and select options when they were available to me (often under difficult circumstances)...and helping me make the best decisions possible for me and outcome of my case. Steve fought for me (and my case) vigorously.... with passion, dedication and expertise (going beyond the call of duty often). To say I was impressed with Steve (and grateful to him) is an understatement. I remain grateful and impressed with Steve to this day. Needless to say, the outcome of my case was extremely positive and I couldn't have been happier or more satisfied. Steve was beyond dedicated to ensuring the most positive outcome for me and he succeeded in every possible way (beyond my wildest imagination). I highly recommend Steve Hesse to anyone seeking the services of a dedicated, honest, exceptionally skilled, highly specialized, honest, caring and trusted criminal defense attorney. Since the conclusion of my case, I've had the good fortune to meet other former clients of Steve's too Each of them remain extremely grateful to Steve and they remain highly satisfied as former clients, as am I. I highly recommend Steve Hesse to anyone in need of a highly specialized, dedicated, professional and caring criminal defense attorney. He's unparalleled...and without exception, simply the best. I can't thank Steve enough!

  • The jury is out

    4.0 stars

    Posted by

    I've been a client for 5 months and some of the past clients' statements are certainly off-base, but some may be true.
    I am told that this is a really crooked legal system and there are few defendant rights.
    I don't understand why an innocent person needs to be subjected to so much hardship and loss.
    A compassionate lawyer with integrity is what we all want.
    My final judgement on Mr. Hesse will not occur until I fully understand his strategy or he finally makes an altruistic move to help my case.
    Right now he may be too be to be too busy to help.

  • part of the machine

    3.0 stars

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    Upon reading these positive reviews, we hired Mr. Hesse. He is a nice man, but here's what you need to know: he is a part of the Williamson County machine of sticking it to anyone who happens to make a mistake there. The consequences laid down for a first offense possession charge were so extensive and horrible that when our case was transferred to our home county, no one in law enforcement could believe the long list of things that had to be suffered through. Steve will tell you not to hang around any criminals, and then put you in situations where that's all you're around. You will not be able to get a job. Anywhere. As soon as your case is signed off, Steve will not respond to you. You will do jail time and pay a ridiculous amount of money. Basically, the best thing you can do is never go to Williamson County and if, God forbid, you get busted for something down there, Steve isn't going to care much about you at all....but your $6000....that will get him to say all the right things so you'll hire him. Then count on having your life ruined. And watch him drive away in his luxury vehicle....

    Stephen Bradley Hesse Jr.’s response: “First of all, I am distressed to see a review like this. I do not know who posted it but from the review, it appears to be a person charged with a felony offense. The biggest problem I see is that he/she is complaining about the result after the case has concluded. The time for me to help any client is before the case has concluded in some way. I have many more tools to use before case is over through plea or through trial. I give each of my clients my personal cell phone so that they can reach me 24/7. It is not uncommon for someone who has been charged with a felony offense to face a difficult decision: take a plea offer from the State or fight the charges in a jury trial. It can be a difficult decision and I advise my clients to help them make the right decision in their case. Sometimes the choice can be between two unpleasant options and the client must choose something he doesn't really want. In each and every case, it is always the client's decision whether to accept a plea bargain or to proceed to trial. I regret that I wasn't better able to help this client make the right decision in his/her case. This person seems especially upset by the conditions of probation that have been imposed upon them for a felony offense. I can tell you that I often oppose specific conditions of probation recommended by the probation department to the Court. Ultimately, the judge has nearly total control over the specific conditions of probation that are imposed in an individual case. In fact if this person were to call me, I would be happy to return to court and attempt to get his/her conditions amended. I am not one of the good old boys and I am known to be an outspoken critic of the powers that be in Williamson County. I pride myself on being a lawyer who is known for fighting for his clients no matter the consequences. -Steve Hesse”
  • Excellent lawyer

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Tatiana

    Stephen Hesse has the best quality -integrity. He is very straightforward, knowledgeable, and honest.
    Any criminal case scenario will have life-long consequences, and this lawyer has ability to see the case in the "big picture" of life, and work it out for the best interests of his client