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Christopher J. Mckinney

About Christopher Mckinney

About me

I am passionate about what I do.  It is my honor to be a trial lawyer and assist people who have had their careers severely damaged or ended due to the illegal conduct of an employer. My past experience as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas and as a defense lawyer in one of the nation's largest law firms gives me unique insights and an advantage when it comes to effectively representing employees.    

When you retain me to represent you, you get me, not an associate or junior lawyer.  I will take full control over every aspect of your case and give it my personal attention.  In my experience, this gives me an advantage over my opponents because I have handled every aspect of your case myself, rather than allowing a less experienced attorney to handle some matters and then try to understand what occurred later.  

I am board certified in Labor & Employment Law and represent employees in overtime, harassment, wrongful discharge, and fraud/whistleblower cases. This includes claims of discrimination, sexual harassment, breach of employment agreements, and noncompete defense, as well as claims of unpaid overtime and corporate fraud and/or fraud against the government. 

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