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Juan Roberto Gonzalez

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  • Immigration?? Please help!!

    I was brought to the US when i was 1yr old with my parents. Since then i have never gone back to mexico and probably wont as bad as things are getting over there. My question is how good are my chances of becoming a US resident i am now 23 yrs old...

    Juan’s Answer

    You are in a difficult position. Currently there is no mechanism to help you. However, since it looks like you live in Texas, Texas allows for in-state tuition and for you to get financial assistance from state sources. Use these to continue your education. Make sure you understand that you are not like your friends. When you don't have documents, today, you need to make sure you keep a low profile and don't call attention to yourself. Make sure you do not do anything that would place you under arrest. We are all working to get the DREAM ACT to pass and getting involved in the campaign to make this happen will benefit you in the future. A more thorough assestment of our situation is needed to see if you have any other options. You should find a local immigration attorney or non-profit organizatino like Catholic Charities that can help assess your immigration situation.

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