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Cindy Medina

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Our office offers foreign nationals options and solutions for moving their businesses and their families to the United States. Our office is also a proud partner with Avanza Community Center, an organization that offers the Hispanic community in San Antonio educational and social services to better themselves through English classes, GED in Spanish, Citizenship courses and Zumba classes. 


We work very closesly with the student organizations SAIYM and SUDA, the Mexican Consulate and Alamo Community Colleges to inform eligible persons about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals process and with the completion of the application and supporting documentation. 


We are eager to help both foreign nationals and the immigrant community in San Antonio with their immigration matters.


I personally pride myself in being honest, hardworking and straighforward with my clients. I work very hard to ensure that I work with my clients to accomplish their short terms and long term goals - both professional and personal.