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James Warner’s client reviews

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  • Mr. Warner is an exceptional, caring and tough family law attorney!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Cynthia

    Mr. Warner represented me in a divorce proceeding, where my ex-husband was attempting to establish sole managing conservatorship of our children. Mr. Warner, unlike opposing counsel, approached the litigation with poise and confidence, ignoring opposing counsel, when she attempted to elicit an emotional or angered response from him. At each hearing, Mr. Warner commanded the courtroom, addressing the court with persuasive arguments, while shrugging-off the personal attacks and vitriol of my ex-husband and his lawyer. Mr. Warner won the relief we sought in the case, because I was appointed the children’s custodial parent. Throughout this lawsuit, Mr. Warner spent a lot of time patiently explaining some very complex legal issues/concepts to me, even when he was busy with other cases and clients. He promptly responded to my telephone calls and emails, when I frequently shared with him my many problems with my ex-husband. He put my grievances, in perspective, pointing out the frivolity of my ex-husband’s claims/complaints. It helps a party to have a divorce lawyer, who focuses on the important legal issues in a case, avoiding distractions and swearing-matches. He met with all the witnesses for trial, accommodating their work schedules, which required meeting with and preparing them over the weekends, and after business hours. He never became fatigued or discouraged, so I was assured that my case was in capable hands. He comforted me, by acknowledging that my concerns were important, especially since they involved the custody of my children; however, he also provided me with the information and tools to prepare for trial, when we had to challenge the falsehoods and hurtful allegations made by my ex-husband. Mr. Warner also impressed upon me my duty to encourage my children to visit and bond with their father, despite their resistance and disinterest. By encouraging parental cooperation, I believe Mr. Warner assisted me in being a positive, comforting influence on my children, as they struggled to overcome our divorce. Quite honestly, children suffer more than the parties, especially if they become involved in our gripes, grievances and arguments. Since I never criticize my ex-husband, my children are well-adjusted, knowing that whatever happens I can calmly handle it. Also, they know I will never interfere with their relationship with their father, because I accommodate him, hoping that he will spend even more time with them, building that lasting bond that is in their best interest.

  • Ethical and skilled lawyer! Highly recommended for your family!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel

    James M. Warner represented my son in a juvenile proceeding, about 12 months ago. Mr. Warner patiently explained my son’s legal rights and duties to him, prior to sharing with my son the state’s plea offer or proposed plea agreement. Mr. Warner gave my family personal, undivided attention, ensuring that we had ample time and information to make the best decision for my son. Mr. Warner was kind, honest and forthright, explaining the strengths and weaknesses of my son’s case. Mr. Warner did not rationalize my son’s mistakes, but encouraged him to work harder in school; respect his teachers and family; and quit relying on the approval of his peers, when making decisions with serious implications for his life. Mr. Warner also worked with us to develop a payment plan, which suited our limited budget. Unlike other families, who excuse their children’s mistakes, blaming the culture, school and peer pressure, we strive to teach our child individual accountability, discipline and good citizenship. Obviously, we fell short with our child, spoiling him, to some extent. Nevertheless, Mr. Warner obtained for my son a second chance, which he has capitalized on, improving his grades and becoming more responsible. Now, my son owns his mistakes and tries not to repeat them. Most of all, I appreciate the time and energy Mr. Warner invested in preparing my son for trial, emphasizing the importance of the right to cross-examine witnesses and challenge the evidence. We never felt rushed or pressured to make any decision. Mr. Warner reviewed all of my son’s options, prior to our family making the final decision, about how to proceed. Therefore, when my son chose to waive the right to a trial/hearing, he reached an informed decision, after we thoroughly reviewed the evidence with Mr. Warner. I believe the attention Mr. Warner gave to my son’s case, encouraged my son to take more seriously the poor decisions he had made, and how to avoid making those decisions in the future.

  • Poor excuse for an attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Tim

    DO NOT hire this man to represent you or a member of your family. He is not interested in justice for his clients. All he cares about is lining his pockets with your money. He talks a big game but when it comes right down to it he can't deliver. He even tried to play dumb and extend my son's probation so he could bleed more money out of us. STAY AWAY!!

    James M. Warner’s response: “Tim, let me conclude with this advice to you, using your complaint as a cautionary tale for prospective clients - never admit the truth of an allegation, subjecting yourself to an unwanted sanction or punishment, when the allegation is false. Often, juveniles plead true, and the state recommends the court extend probation to enable completion of his or her original conditions. Why was your probation extended? What conditions of your original probation remained incomplete? Are you just a shameless procrastinator, Timmy? Did you fail to pay your total fees and/or court costs? Did you fail to comply with court-ordered inpatient and/or outpatient drug treatment? Did you test positive for drugs, and /or absconded from probation? In any event, remember to never take the rap for something you did not do, or plan to rationalize at a convenient time later. Avoid the pain of extended probation, when could revel in the delights of a residential treatment center, instead. Tim, consult alternative legal counsel, who can review your options for relief from this decision to extend your probation. Tim, the Juvenile Justice Code expressly recognizes that a juvenile must be provided a "fair hearing" and his or her "constitutional and other legal rights" must be "recognized and enforced." Therefore, a juvenile has a limited right of confrontation under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Never plead true to an allegation - violation of probation or otherwise - unless that allegation is true and you decide it is in your best interest to accept responsibility, after discussing it with your family and/or guardians. I hope this has been helpful. Unfortunately, the only Tim that comes to mind is the stepfather of a juvenile I represented, whose stepchild’s probation was terminated early, due to his full compliance with the terms and conditions thereof. And, that Tim did not even pay for his son’s full legal bill, but left it for his wife to pay, after he divorced her. Surely, you are not that crazy, shiftless cat, who is just looking to shake down a poor country lawyer, are you?”